European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euaservice reviews)
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About European Auction Car Service

The company buys cars in the name of the client from auctions in three categories:

Test drives are test-drive cars from official dealers in the European Union with a mileage of up to 8,000 kilometers.

Leasing – used cars that are put up for auction minus the lessee’s payments with a mileage limit of up to 80,000 km.

Promotional – these are cars pasted over with advertising banners of an official dealer, which stand for 1-2 years on advertising sites. Runs do not exceed 1-5 thousand km.

Cars in these three categories are sold for 25% less than the European market, and we also refund VAT, which gives us a good competitive price.

European Auction Car Service
European Auction Car Service

126 responses to “European Auction Car Service Reviews (Euaservice reviews)”

  1. Acquired through the “European Auction Car Service” car Mercedes-Benz S580. Found and brought a great option. I picked up a car in Saudi Arabia at Riyadh.

  2. I am very glad that I turned to Euaservice to buy a car at an auction. They organized all stages of the process: from concluding a contract to paying for the car with a SWIFT transfer. My car was purchased and sent by ship on time, and the delivery time was 25-27 days. Many thanks for the professional service!

  3. I wanted to buy a car at an auction in Europe and Euaservice proved to be a reliable partner. I made an advance payment and paid the remaining amount after buying the car. Delivery time was 25-27 days and I received my car in perfect condition. I recommend to all!

  4. I was unsure whether to buy a car at an auction, but the decision turned out to be right. I entered into a contract, made the down payment, and settled the remaining amount for the car through the Swift system. My car arrived precisely on time.

  5. Collaboration with this company brings satisfaction. The outcomes align with the agreements, and all stages were completed on time and in full accordance with the pre-established contract.

  6. Hi all! I want to thank the whole team for the work!
    We are very satisfied with the car, all the conditions of the contract are fulfilled on 5+. Clear, smart, professional. We will purchase the next car only through this company. I wish the company further development with the same high-quality approach to each client!

  7. At the beginning of the month, I became the owner of a 2020 Mercedes-Benz S450. The company delivered the car on time! I made the payment in two stages: the first payment as an advance, and the second final payment before loading it onto the ship and sending it to me.

  8. I visited the company’s office in Sofia after returning from the UAE. I signed a contract to purchase and deliver 3 Land Rover Range Rover cars from 2022.

  9. Hello everyone. I independently processed the payment through a SWIFT transfer and made the down payment. The process was well-organized, and my car was shipped to me by a transport company. It’s pleasing that the delivery timeframe was not breached.

  10. Thank you very much for your clarity and professionalism, as always! The car was received.

  11. Arranged delivery to me in Saudi Arabia when the car was purchased. I’m just completely satisfied with their work. Thank you! I will recommend you to my friends!

  12. Buying a car was quick, although delivery to my city took 28 days. In total, I paid 84,000 euros for the car, auction fee and delivery.

  13. Buying a car with this company was easy and safe. They provide full support and assistance at every stage, making the process as convenient as possible.

  14. Payment for the car was made only after I was provided with all the necessary documents confirming its readiness for shipment.

  15. My colleague bought a 2023 Porsche Cayenne through this company, and when I got the details, it turned out to be quite a bargain. He paid an advance payment of 30% of the value of the car, and paid the rest as soon as he received the transport documents before loading onto a container ship.

  16. Great company with a highly professional team. Always buying and redeeming a car on top! I would like to note Alexey for an individual approach to clients. Thank you!

  17. I am sincerely grateful to them for everything! Therefore, I thank you and sincerely wish the company prosperity!

  18. I cannot overstate my gratitude to this company for helping me buy a car at auction. Remote conclusion of a contract is simple and convenient. I made an advance payment and our transaction was successfully completed. The car was bought and prepared for shipment, and I paid the remaining amount

  19. Euaservice helped me from Morocco remotely conclude a contract for the purchase of a car at an auction in Europe. I paid for the car by SWIFT transfer myself and received a full loading report and transport documents. The whole process was organized perfectly, and I am pleased with the result!

  20. It was very convenient to pick up a car in the port of your city. I received my car without any delays or problems.

  21. The condition of the received car was perfect. The interior and body look the same as in the photographs at the auction.

  22. I am grateful to this company for their flexibility and adaptability. They respond quickly to changes in my needs and always find solutions to satisfy me as a customer.

  23. I appreciated the speed and professionalism with which this team responded to all my requests and requirements. They are true professionals in their field.

  24. I want to express my deep gratitude to the company!
    For 4 weeks from Europe they brought me a practically new car. Picked up at the port of Jeddah. Delivery paid 2500 euros

  25. When I picked up the car, I was convinced that I had made the right choice. For such work I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances who will be interested in buying a car. Thank you very much!

  26. I signed a contract with the company, also listed
    advance payment of 30% of the car price. The car was bought and before sending, I paid in full for the car. Before loading onto the ship, I was provided with all the documents and a photo report.

  27. Highly recommend as I am a customer myself. They value their reputation.

  28. I bought a car that cannot be bought in Qatar for the same money. Paid the entire cost at once with the usdt cryptocurrency

  29. Vehicle received. I started to inspect the car, everything is fine, they even gave me a book on the operation of the car. In general, everything was completely satisfied at the time of signing the contract, and subsequently they behaved like professionals.

  30. We bought a car, explained everything in an accessible way, concluded an agreement, paid an advance for the purchase, as the car was bought, I paid the remaining amount. The car arrived at the port of Kuwait within the stipulated time of 28 days.

  31. Hello, I want to thank the company for the delivery of my car from Europe, exactly 4 weeks have passed since the conclusion of the contract and until the receipt of the car, handsome guys!

  32. Used the services of the company. I won the auction and the company delivered me a car from Europe to Saudi Arabia. Helped with customs clearance of the car. Thank you

  33. Thanks for the car! I can now safely recommend you!

  34. Found MEuropean Auction Car Service via internet. Prices in Germany are significantly lower than in Saudi Arabia. I ordered a Porsche 911,2022,3.8 Benzin, this car cost me 105.000 Euro. Paid an advance payment of 31500 Euro in USDT cryptocurrency. Satisfied with the services of this company.

  35. Finally I found a place where you can buy good cars at the right price. We don’t have anything decent left in the city.

  36. I picked up a Mercedes-Benz GLE63 on their telegram channel, and even with a low mileage – 1900 km. In total, I paid with all the expenses for the car -158,000 thousand euros

  37. Great service! Upon receipt of the car, I was glad of her condition, mileage, equipment! Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  38. The company is great! I signed an agreement with them, after 2 months they brought Bmw i7, 2022 in the configuration and condition I needed for reasonable money – 89,000 euros.

  39. I am satisfied with my car purchase, especially the convenient payment terms. Only 30% of the prepayment is an insurance deposit, and the balance is paid only upon actual shipment from the port! Happy with the car!

  40. So far, this is the first time I have used the services of the company, but since everything went so smoothly with them, it’s obviously not the last time I’m contacting) Now I’m telling all my friends about them

  41. Before contacting the company, I followed the main companies delivering cars from European auto auctions to Saudi Arabia for two months, after a while I understand that I made the right choice!

  42. Hello everyone, I paid only 30% of the advance payment, the rest after the car was bought and sent to the port for loading and sending to me as the owner, at that moment I paid the remaining amount for the car.

  43. Good day to all! We bought a Mercedes-Benz S500 from this company (we are very satisfied with the car). The price of such a car at an auction in Europe is 66,000 euros.

  44. It took about a month to deliver, which is very fast, the logisticians were always in touch. In general, everything is fine, we will return again for a new car.

  45. Ordered a 2020 Bentley Continental with a mileage of 23.934km. for 95,000 euros. The guys brought the car in excellent condition. I ordered another car, I’m waiting. Everyone is happy!

  46. In 2022 I ordered a 2019 Rolls-Royce Wraith through the company. I plan to bring another car for my wife through this company.

  47. From Europe to the port of Jebel Ali, the car arrived in 4 weeks. Great!

  48. They brought me an AUDI RSQ8,2023,4.0 bought at an auction. Picked up from Jebel Ali port in UAE on my own. I was satisfied with the work of the company. Plans to return more than once!

  49. Almost everything will be done for you, just approve, sign and exit the contract. They even picked up the car. The calculation was made in the crypt, transferred the entire amount at once, as he had previously cooperated with the Company. Been driving my car 4 weeks later.

  50. Signed a contract for the supply of a car in my name and transferred money by SWIFT transfer to buy the car from the auction. Picked up the car in Wakrah after 29 days

  51. I ordered a Rolls-Royce Wraith car from the guys, very pleased with the order.
    Quickly, without any problems, everything is transparent 👍🏼.

  52. Received a car that fully matches the description

  53. I recommend working with this company to everyone!

  54. I will say about the logistics – very fast, loaded onto the ship, the ship went for 4 weeks. Operative work!

  55. Extremely satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely take the next car only here, I really liked the service and attitude, as a client.

  56. The purchase went quickly and without problems. Provided advice and answered all my questions. Clearly, to the point and everything is online, cool!!!

  57. Car received, car like new! I’m glad I discovered auctions!

  58. I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend the company – everything is clear, everything is clear on delivery. At the auction, too, everything was clear, this is not my first car!

  59. I paid for my car at the auction. The auction issues an invoice, my particular car is registered there, its cost, I pay so much. Many thanks to the company for the delivery of the car.

  60. 2 times I bought a car from an auction and always 100% without comment! European cars – out of competition !!!!

  61. Used the services of this company. Sent cars from Europe to Dubai. I recommend. Many thanks to the organization of the delivery of cars. Feel free to contact this company.

  62. Thank you so much for helping me deliver a modern car for my wife. Bought a Mercedes-Benz EQS580!

  63. I bought the first car and they brought me a Land Rover Range Rover 2022, this time they brought me a Porsche Panamera. I agree that the auction is much cheaper than in the domestic market. Cars are delivered in perfect condition.

  64. I contacted this company for a Mercedes S580 2022 4.0 Benzin, they worked strictly according to the contract. I liked their approach to work, I will cooperate.

  65. When I made an advance payment, I already mentally imagined myself behind the wheel. Of the shortcomings – we almost missed the deadline, and then because of the work of the port. Excellent office.

  66. Full transparency of the process of buying and delivering a car and the cost of each stage. Liked the level of service

  67. Before signing the contract and making an advance payment, the manager immediately spoke in detail about all stages of the transaction. Then a contract was signed, extremely simple and understandable, and payment was made for
    Land Rover Range Rover 2023 in the amount of 32000€ . There were no problems and delays with delivery, they delivered to Mecca in 27 days.

  68. Won a lot at the auction, excellent condition, very low mileage since the car was for a test drive at an authorized dealer. I signed a contract remotely and paid 30% of the cost,
    the waiting for the car began, the manager at each stage reports information on the car.
    The car has arrived;) Land Rover Range Rover is in excellent condition

  69. I ordered a car from this company, everything was done as expected. In terms of pricing, I was happy with everything. Transportation and customs clearance were carried out by ourselves, everything that was agreed upon was taken into account and everything was completed on time. I’m happy, I have a car. I can safely recommend.

  70. Bought a car yesterday. Was very pleased. I chose Land Rover Range Rover Sport on their website for myself, the price was 88 thousand euros, you can’t find a good car for that price in Saudi Arabia, the mileage was 1400km.

  71. Mercedes-Benz SL63 2022. According to the contract, I needed to transfer 30% of the cost of the car, which amounted to 30,000 €. I already received the car, the car is excellent. Delivered to Morocco in 29 days. Thank you!

  72. I got a really great car with their help! Behind the wheel for the third month and rejoice! Thank you very much!

  73. I bought an Audi S7 2021 13.900km.. in installments at 3% per year.

  74. Good reviews about the company on the Internet, I studied their activities, they have been working for more than a year. My order for Ferrari GTC 4,2018,6.2 has been completed and I am satisfied!

  75. I searched the Internet for information on the company, read the reviews and realized that it was time for me to contact them. I made no mistake in my choice. Bought a Ferrari SF90

  76. I can recommend it to everyone, as I myself checked this company by buying a BMW for myself. Picked up the car in Abu Dhabi.

  77. In their catalog on the official website I found and bought a PORSCHE 911 2022 3.8 1.238km for 150,000€.

  78. The car arrived on time. I was satisfied with the work of the company and I advise everyone to buy through them!

  79. The firm was recommended by my business partner. Advance payment of 30% of the cost of the rest when picking up the car at the port. USDT calculated. The car arrived at the port of Jebbel Ali in 28 days.

  80. Upon arrival of the car, and the state and interior were at the level of new cars. I trusted European Auction Car Service and was satisfied! The car decided to arrange in installments.

  81. The car came quickly, the arrangements did not change on the go. Thanks for the service.

  82. The car is in excellent condition. It is convenient that the car can be bought in any currency. I had to spend euros, or invest them, the amount was decent, so I contacted the manager on whatsapp, they answered promptly and I ordered a Lamborghini Huracan 2022. Good purchase, I am satisfied.

  83. I contacted this company on the recommendation of a friend. The managers did a very good job.
    There are no questions or comments. Considered several cars, each provided a lot of options and photos. I will be taking my next car through them.

  84. When I picked up my Mercedes-Benz GLS600, I was convinced that I had made the right choice. For such work I will recommend you to all friends and acquaintances who will be interested in buying cars. Thank you very much!

  85. Thank you guys for the prompt work I am very pleased. I will recommend to friends and acquaintances

  86. I am buying a car for the first time in my life. I was very worried about the risks of losing money. He did not regret at all that he applied. The employees are very friendly and open, they offered only good cars, they always kept abreast of all the circumstances and the location of the car. The car came as expected on time, met 29 days.

  87. I was lucky with the purchase, thanks for the help. Will need to contact again

  88. I want to express my gratitude for the help in purchasing a car, thank you very much! 🤝🏻

  89. Closed the loan ahead of time. Very happy with the car that the company brought me to Muscat. For 7 months impolzovaniya machine did not disappoint.

  90. This is my first purchase at an auction and I chose the company almost at random, which I did not regret in the future.

  91. Good time. Rolls-Royce Wraith came to us, now he will drive around Abu Dhabi. No regrets, great car!
    I will continue to work with the company.

  92. Documents were processed remotely. Paid the first installment (advance) in usdt. In general, they were satisfied. Thank you!

  93. I have been cooperating with the guys for several years now, my business structure involves the constant renewal of the fleet – through European Auction Car Service we are able to do this profitably and without confusion. Help with the selection, purchase of a car, etc. Like from me!

  94. I contacted this company on the recommendation, the result coincided with expectations! Bought Land Rover Range Rover Sport,2021 for 38.000 Euro

  95. Great company, great quality and on time. Legal cleanliness and a positive rating, I recommend!

  96. I decided to buy a Porsche Cayenne 2022. I called several companies supplying auto equipment from European auctions. Settled on this company. I contacted the manager via telegram. We signed a contract for the purchase of a car remotely, transferred 30% of the advance payment. In the contract, the delivery time was prescribed 30 days, they did it in 14, well done!

  97. I am most grateful to the company for helping me buy a car! If you ask where to order a car, it will certainly be this company! Great service!

  98. Thanks guys for a great job!!! 🤝🏻

  99. My husband and I came here to order a car. After the conclusion of the agreement and the prepayment, literally 4 weeks passed and our car arrived at the port of Jebbel Ali. We look forward to further cooperation.

  100. Brought to United Arab Emirates from a European auction Mercedes-Benz GLS63 for 70.000 Paid the entire amount at once, as I already had experience of cooperation with the company.

  101. The calculation for the selected variant of the car from Germany was made on November 12, as the contract was concluded, I received the car on November 26 on the numbers, the conditions in the contract did not change.

  102. I do not regret that I turned to this company and I am very grateful to her. Recommended to a friend and he bought a Mercedes. And I will continue to recommend them. Registered my car today.

  103. A long search in Abu Dhabi for a good car was not successful. Contacted European Auction Car Service. On their website I found the car I wanted Mercedes-Benz G63,2021,4.0 Benzin. I immediately contacted the manager in a telegram, signed an agreement and paid 30% of the price of a car of 30,000 euros for redemption. I note that the process of delivery, the purchase of a car is very well established. The contract was not violated and I got my car.

  104. I would like to note that for European Auction Car Service, the matter does not end with the signing of documents and the transfer of money. European Auction Car Service helped me with the registration of the car that I bought in Germany.

  105. I turned to European Auction Car Service for recommendations, which I did not regret at all 😊. Audi S7 2021 13.900km. I bought through European Auction Car Service in Germany for 45.000 euro. I paid at the beginning 30% of the price of the car on the site (15000), the rest of the calculation was when the car was picked up in Dabai.

  106. Thanks to European Auction Car Service, I received my device from Germany directly to my city in Saudi Arabia. Very satisfied with the device. Almost new car condition.

  107. Modern company! No need to go to conclude an agreement and other bureaucratic moments! Everything is remote! Paid for a 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53 55.000 Euro Great price and great car!! If you make an installment plan for a car, as I did, then the installment is 40% of the cost of the car. Thank you very much for the car!

  108. It’s only been 4 weeks since I prepaid for the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 and it arrived at the port of Jeddah. The condition of the car is excellent, practically new, as expected.

  109. I was looking for a Mercedes-Benz S350. A suitable model was found on the website. I contacted via telegram, signed a contract and I paid an advance for the purchase of a car. All on time, reasonable price. I bought a Mercedes-Benz S350 for 75.000 Euro.

  110. I looked at their site for a very long time choosing a car, I chose a 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS600 with a mileage of 1500km. I’m happy with the car and the company. It’s good that you don’t pay the whole amount, but only 30% for redemption. My part for Mercedes was 36000 Euro. Picked up the car last week at the port of Jeddah. No complaints. Thanks

  111. Hi all! Highly recommend! Reasonable prices! Thanks to European Auction Car Service I am now the owner of a BMW M8 4.4 In my opinion a great company!

  112. We bought a car very profitably for United Arab Emirates, we waited for a suitable option and the price for no more than a day. Thanks for the quality work! Helped with registration. I paid 2500€ for delivery.

  113. Found on YouTube. Called. Ordered. Picked up a good option. Bought.

  114. There were also positive impressions from the company. Now I am regularly paying under the contract, less than six months are left until the end of the installment plan. Thank you!

  115. bought a great car through European Auction Car Service! You can trust the company, I checked it for myself, they bought 2 cars this year.

  116. After I signed a contract with European Auction Car Service, I paid 40% of the cost of the car for the purchase, delivery and auction fee. The car was with me after 27 days. Made an installment plan for a year.

  117. I bought a Ferrari 488 2022 3.9 Petrol. Paid the entire cost immediately using USDT cryptocurrency. The car came into my hands after 29 days.

  118. received the car, everyone is happy. I paid USDT, it turned out to be even more profitable for me. As a result, the car cost me 60% cheaper than if I bought a car in Qatar

  119. It took approximately 28 days in Dubai to purchase/delivery from the time I contacted them. I bought myself a Porsche 911. This is the second car our family has ordered through this company.

  120. Only positive emotions. I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of European Auction Car Service for their professionalism. Buying a car went without problems and with the maximum result.

  121. I studied the conditions in the company and realized that they suit me, because for the purchase I had to transfer 30% of the advance payment, after which the company buys the car of my choice at an auction in Germany and delivers it to my city within two weeks. As a result, the transaction went smoothly and I received my car in 27 days.

  122. They do everything quickly, there is always a wide selection of cars, and the prices are pleasing on their website

  123. I can say with confidence that I am very satisfied with the services of the company. Everything was done in less than 4 weeks. I am especially pleased that I did not have to deal with documents and registration on my own. The cost of cars in Germany is much lower than in Kuwait

  124. I received the car in Riyadh already on the numbers, issued to me. Fast and clear. Throughout the waiting period, I received a photo of how they bought it from the auction, how it rides, how it arrived.

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