Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners”

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Phone: +7-977-791-1700
Address: Moscow, Novy Arbat 23, office 33

About company:
The Moscow Bar Association – Bichurin & Partners Federation of Lawyers is included in the register of the Moscow Bar Association. Created in 2016 by its founder and current president, Rinat Bichurin. The Moscow office team consists of experienced lawyers who have passed a

3 responses to “Reviews about the law firm Federation of Lawyers “Bichurin and Partners””

  1. There are no pluses – only minuses. Made an appointment with my father for 2:00 pm. I received an email confirmation of my appointment within the hour. Came in 20 minutes. We were not even allowed to enter the door – the guard, without answering our greeting, simply barked: “Dinner, come at two!” And we were standing on the stairs, we didn’t see any waiting room, we had to go outside. Then they came to two, they let us into the room, approached the secretary. The girl asked on what issue, collected all the documents and said to sit down and wait 15 minutes. We waited for 20 minutes, after which the same girl came out and said that the notary was away, she would be there in about 40 minutes, maybe more. We asked, what, are ALL notaries away? We signed up for one of several and confirmation came” She replied: “We have one notary, only he can assure, all the rest are assistants” “why the secretary couldn’t immediately tell about the absence of a notary, but made us wait 20 minutes and took all our documents? Why then record by time, if everyone spat on it??? A lot of questions and not a single answer. The whole day was wasted (I was driving As a result, we left without a salty slurp, because the exact time of the return of the notary was not known, and the father had limited time … We hardly chose this day for the meeting in 2 months and such a result .. .. when we can still meet the schedule and break out to the notary – it is not known …

  2. There are a lot of people in the notary’s office. It looks like the experts are failing. The notary’s specialists did not recognize the mistake, they began to prove to me that the Tax Office was to blame … It’s sad and funny. The professionalism of this office leaves much to be desired.

  3. Guaranteed 100% assistance in the return of funds from scammers. I paid them 50000. , but after three months of empty work, they called and said that they could not help. They are the same swindlers, profiting from someone else’s grief. Neverti companies

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