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Phone: +971 4 360 1111

Address:  48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 901, P.O. Box 119930, Dubai, UAE.

About company:
Whether it was timing, your work and due diligence or structuring, your successes were born from an idea.

At Al Mal Capital, we are also driven by ideas. Through technical knowledge and understanding to execution, we turn investment ideas into reality. But we not only work to understand market trends, but you as well. We believe in a relationship that actively engages you. Managing market conditions, portfolio expectations & risks – we at Al Mal capital strive to prosper with you.

This is possible by nurturing a team of astute and technically sound account managers & financial advisors. A team grounded with a high sense of responsibility dedicated on earning your trust.

Our approach is simple. You.
Al Mal Capital
Al Mal Capital

6 responses to “Al Mal Capital Review”

  1. These, I’m not afraid of this word, scammers are trying to buy everyone with their supposedly up-to-date analytics and other “goodies”, but it would be worth starting with elementary compliance with the terms of the service agreement. Because people trust them with considerable sums and expect a corresponding return. And in return they receive only predatory commissions, rudeness of managers and problems with the withdrawal of profit

  2. these bitches literally stole my entire balance from my account overnight! nothing foreshadowed trouble, and in the morning I already had a zero balance, and I can’t even track the write-off history, the money was gone without a trace!

  3. With this intermediary, there are no foreseeable prospects. Al Mal Capital has been lying to potential clients about zero fees and stable software from the very beginning. Not only did they steal 100 bucks from the very first deposit, they also rip off from each order. The terminal often crashes, which nullifies all attempts to earn at least some money. From the side of the administration there is no response to complaints and appeals. Well, to hell with them!

  4. If I had known that everything would end this way, then I would not have trusted them a penny! dirty swindlers swindled me, a single mother, with the last child’s money!

  5. To be honest, at first the site did not impress me at all, everything seemed somehow raw, unreliable and unfinished. But that was only the first impression. In fact, Al Mal Capital has really gained a lot of trust among traders around the world and the broker has an impressive turnover. You can only complain that it is almost impossible to contact technical support, but otherwise everything is fine.

  6. in vain I used to refuse when I was invited here. It turned out that the company is really credible. as for the conditions, almost anyone can afford to start trading here, the main thing is to find the courage for the first step and you will succeed)

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