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About company:
Bitfinex - the exchange has been operating since 2012. In terms of the volume of trading transactions with cryptocurrency, it occupies the fourth position in the world ranking. Supports 133 currencies, three of which are fiats (EUR, USD, JPY). The platform offers margin trading with a leverage of 1:3, as well as OTC trades and trading based on derivatives. For transactions, Bitfinex takes a commission of 0.02-0.2%, depending on the total amount of trades made by the trader. Topping up the balance with cryptocurrencies is free, with fiats - 0.1%.

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  1. They holding my crypto hostage under the guise of compliance. Have about 1500$ worth that can not be withdrawn since 2017/18. They didnt seem to mind accepting the crypto.
    They want proof of employment, purchase, transaction hashes, where the money came from to buy my crypto,etc, etc, etc. All this for 1500 bucks worth of crypto.

  2. The verification process is a nightmare! You need to reply to many questions about your welth situation including salary, savings, etc. To be fully verified you need to send copies of 2 IDs, proof of address, bank statement and a selfie. But then they ask you for “Please provide a new selfie photo in which you are holding an ID (that you uploaded) and also holding a note (“To Bitfinex”, with the date and your signature)”. But then the resolution of the selfie is not good enough even if made with an iPhone XS in best quality. “please provide a clearer/higher-resolution copy so that the ID is clear enough that it can be read.”
    Thank you but NO!

  3. My experience with Bitfinex dates back to early 2017. Their service desk and support teams are extremely fast and knowledgeable. In all those years all my inquiries we’re handled swiftly and correctly.
    Even changing verification due to migrating was no problem.

  4. I submitted a ticket with an inquiry, and I kid you not, I received the answer in about 1min. I was wondering if it was an automated message, maybe it was a canned message, but either way, it answered my inquiry 100%. Other inquiries I had in the past, were answered in 24-36 hours. I have 0 complaints thus far. Was active a while back, then not for a couple of years, now I’m back. All good since before.

  5. I joined Bitfinex recently and I’m quite happy with their service; fees are very reasonable, friendly user interface and not overly complicated like most exchanges which I get lost navigating most times, customer service is top notch. I had a minor issue and reached out to customer service, and to my surprise they responded right away! My ticket was addressed and got resolved within the same day. Pleasantly surprised how efficient they are! Thank you Bitfinex Team! Greatly appreciate your help!

  6. Bitfinex is refusing to release funds that I deposited on their exchange 7 years ago because I am not able to provide proof of source of funds. How can I provide information about a transaction that happened 7 years ago? Stay away!

  7. While many people attack Bitfinex, they are quick to point the finger at what they did wrong, but very slow to actually notice how robust this exchange is. You think an exchange that’s a pure scam can stay open and move so much money for almost a decade, without any repercussions? Time to open your eyes. “But Tether is a scam!” – If this is true, why do other exchanges try to mimic Tether? Why would anyone mimic a scam while trying to maintain their image? Look at the facts before spreading nonsense.

  8. If there is one thing that i love about Bitfinex, is that if you have a problem, at any time of the day, their support will hastily reply back to assist you. Had this situation with a pending withdrawal from their end, and support was super quick to resolve it. Great work.

  9. So many fake reviews being reported, all of them containing the generic false information. Stop spreading FUD, Bitfinex, while not perfect, is one of the exchanges that has done the most for not only it’s users but the crypto world in general.

  10. Reading the recent reviews makes me wonder who’s paying people to shill on Bitfinex. They are spreading lies, and while Bitfinex has it’s own share of problems, none of them are the ones that these goofies are refering. If you’re going to leave a negative review, atleast make it look plausibly credible.

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