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About company:

Forex authority in the cryptocurrency market

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders.

Bull Fighters history

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders. We are constantly working on the quality of Bull Fighters and working with experienced teams of traders from around the world. As a result of constant work on itself, Bull Fighters has become a fast growing company and a global trademark, which it is to this day.

Company vision

Time is the most expensive resource. And knowledge is strength and possibilities. Our mission is to effectively evaluate the time of our traders in the fast growing, flexible financial markets and use this time with the help of knowledge to the maximum benefit. Invest wisely. Our passion is to get the most out of our investment and improve our results every time.

Bull Fighters
Bull Fighters

7 responses to “Bull Fighters Review”

  1. Don’t trust this company. This is 100% false. They scammed me for $13,400. I am a 9 month pregnant woman. Knowing my position, they screwed me in, interested me, assured me that it was all fair and legal. Problems began for a long withdrawal of money. Started with $100. Then they said that there are profitable deals, you need 2000 dollars. Then an investor appeared, allegedly transferring money, but with the condition that you need to return the money to him in your own cash. Term 5 days at most 7. During this period, I could not withdraw my money because a restriction was placed on my trading account. My analyst assured me that I can immediately withdraw money immediately after the restriction is lifted. I borrowed from my friends for a short period of time. The time has come to withdraw money. My analyst offered to make one trade and then withdraw the money. I agreed and we made a couple of deals. And then the problems started from nowhere. From somewhere other numbers appeared and the margins were not enough, and I urgently needed to transfer another 8,000 dollars to my account. I was at a loss, it was a big stress for me. And then an investor appeared again and supposedly could help me borrow 8000, and then I would return it with my cash as before. I didn’t know what to do, but under pressure from my analyst, I agreed. Now the question was how I will return the money in my cash. A week passed and with the help of my grandmother they found this money and transferred it to their account in order to quickly remove the restriction and distribute all their debts. It wasn’t here. My analyst allegedly fell ill and could not speak and only wrote to me. I wanted to withdraw part of the money, but the analyst said that I need to withdraw everything. I followed all his instructions. We withdrew money from the trading account, but it never got to my account. Then they called me and said that I withdrew all the money and did not leave the analyst’s interest. Although my analyst assured that he did not need interest and he would not get poorer from these percentages. I begged the girl who called to transfer the money, and then I would transfer the analyst’s interest from my money. I swore to her by my unborn child. Already 800 were nowhere to be found. She said she would ask and tell the answer tomorrow. I explained my situation and my situation to her, and she promised to help me like a woman to a woman. She assured that this was the last money that I had to transfer and then the money would be transferred. I miraculously found these 800 and transferred them to their account. She said that within an hour I can check the account and the money will be transferred. After an hour and even after 3, the money was not transferred. I call the analyst Ilnar, he has already blocked me, I call the girl who promised to help Amina Kirova, she also blocked me. So they sank me for a large amount. Now I am pregnant and have 3 more children with a lot of debts that I have to pay. And creditors are already calling and coming home for their money. At that moment I was on the verge of suicide. Damn this is a company that profits off without help from people. Let this money serve them on their worst day. For the whole team to fail. God forbid they deceive people like us. Amen.

  2. I invested $ 1,000, after 2 months I withdrew the amount of earnings without any problems

  3. Basically good service. I can’t say it’s perfect. There are shortcomings. For example, the web interface suffers a little. On the other hand, this is covered by favorable conditions.

  4. Friends, do not invest a penny here, scammers practice psychological pressure, they will not get rid of until your pockets are completely empty !!!! Don’t believe a single word. I myself was among the victims of these swindlers. When I realized that this was a financial scam and that I urgently needed to flee from here, it was already too late. The charlatans did not even let them take the balance from the account, they stupidly blocked the account.

  5. Bull Fighters has nothing but a beautiful legend about British roots and many years of work on the market. In fact, this office stupidly profits at the expense of others !!! My brother became a victim of these scammers, they themselves found him on the Facebook social network and began to monotonously process him in order to invest funds. He thought that he was communicating with real professionals who would help in increasing capital, but in fact he got into typical bred. Until now, he can’t move away from this impudent deception, he lost about 7,000 bucks here.

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