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Crypto exchange CoinsBank comes from the UK, or to be more precise, from Edinburgh (Scotland). Previously, it functioned under the name BIT-X. The project was launched in April 2016. CoinsBank specializes in trading Bitcoin and several popular altcoins. Among the available fiats are the euro, British pounds, US dollar and Russian ruble. In addition, on this site you can purchase a prepaid card (prepaid card). The platform is not overloaded with functionality, so the site interface is simple and understandable. Access to trade is open to citizens from 197 countries. However, you will not find any other language other than English here. For greater convenience, mobile applications for IOS and Android have been developed.


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  1. I read every word in their guide before signing up they never mentioned they are Absolute a scam company I fortunately have come to realize it was a total front for scammers i had to seek for solution with a recovery operation in getting out good i found do rcas terplc Hoping to help others avoid the waste of time and money I have been through

  2. They don’t honour the contract they sign with you. Saw an intelligent post/review about coinsbanking scam on Reddit. It was pretty helpful.

  3. After taking my initial deposit they told me your money has been invested in bit coin , you need to pay
    €4000 tax in front in order to claim your big fortune,All thanks to | finance resolution ,com | who rescued me out by getting back my lost from them .
    Any money invested here you never see it again

  4. They will stole your money without any confirmation from you. Its not a bank, this is trash-box for your money, if you wanna lose your btc or money this is a place!!!! Never Use this service, thieves, deceivers and murderers will only steal money from your account without notifying about anything, they will simply take money from you every month for the fact that you have an account there, this is not a Bank, this is just Scammers They deliberately do so to spread here their money for your money is not saved there they will simply be stolen every month, almost without notifying you about it I do not use this service they are terrible they are Thieves and deceivers.

  5. Once you transfer funds to coinsbank, forget about withdrawal…if you are able to take out funds successfully, consider yourself lucky

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