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About company:

Cryptowallet Cryptget — a tandem of reliability and security

Storage, as well as comfortable and efficient work with all the world’s leading cryptocurrencies


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  1. I confirm!! Got it too.
    The Cryptget domain was created just 4 months ago.
    You can make money from any wallet. The guys offer to work on a signal, they allegedly get paid for their “services” without any problems, but when you try to withdraw it yourself, they write that you are from a country that is under sanctions, that you need to confirm your solvency and put another 20% of the money into your wallet the current amount on the wallet, then you will allegedly be allowed to withdraw the entire amount. And you must do this within 10 days, then the account will be deactivated!
    In the end, you won’t see any money.

  2. Scammers! They will give you a lead. Output no. The divorce is complete. @cryptget_meneger Tech support is a scam too. Now the topic of divorce is sanctions

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