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As one of the UK’s leading volume motor car and commercial vehicle retailers, Evans Halshaw provide national coverage through a significant number of locations. We’ve been around since 1927, and our heritage means we strive to tailor each experience to the customer’s needs, offering a wide range of new and used cars at the greatest possible value thanks to our ‘Every Day Low Prices’ price promise.

Making up a part of the wider Pendragon PLC group, we’re proud to hold franchises to retail and service 10 brands for cars and vans, including Citroën, Dacia, DS, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault and Vauxhall. Our easy-to-use Sell Your Car service can also be used to sell your vehicle in a stress-free and convenient manner.

Our Evans Halshaw customers also benefit from further value after purchase, making car ownership that little bit easier. Various handy guides and articles can be found within our blog section, with the latest information on our brands and dealerships residing within our news section.
Evans Halshaw
Evans Halshaw

5 responses to “Evans Halshaw Review”

  1. Evans Halshaw Wolverhampton Aug 2021 I reserved a Van and paid a deposit on a Thursday following a video sent to me . I then had a call with the salesman to complete and sign the order forms. On the Friday I paid the full balance for the van and was told he would call me to sort delivery. I had a duck and dive session Friday afternoon through to Tuesday morning where no one was ever available to speak to me and no one ever called me back Tuesday after I received a call from the salesman saying a small issue, they were going to refund me as they were not selling the van to me as the price was wrong and they wanted more money for it. I asked to speak to a manager who after me chasing 3 times eventually rang me at 6.45pm on Tuesday evening . He advised me that he was not selling me the van as it was advertised on both their website and auto trader at the wrong price.. He was really rude and would not look at a discussion, told me I can do what I like he was advertising the van that evening even though he still had my money. We are now at Wednesday and the van is advertised and Evans Halshaw have not refunded the money or returned a call following a complaint I raised. All in all I would not ever by another vehicle from such a company who have no respect for their brand or customer service.

  2. Online buy your car valuation at £14500 based on vehicle, age and mileage of 24,000. This was at least £3500 below market value. I took everything out of the car and travelled 15 miles to the appointment at the dealer expecting to get paid. The salesman had not dealt with one of these buy your car events before. He admitted that the car was spotless except for a 1 inch scratch on the passenger door. As well as this it was half the average mileage and had £5000 of options. They offered me £13400 due to tyres being 3 to 3.5mm and would need replacing as its their policy. Well thats their problem the tyres are legal and 40% tread remaining. I picked up my documents and keys and walked straight out. The online valuation is completely pointless as he said it was based on an as new car with one owner. Wasted a few hours of my time in their awful 70s Grantham dealership full of pointless mustangs and RSs. Be warned. Most cars go straight to auction so they wouldnt need to replace tyres anyway

  3. After all sorts of problems, I have finally collected my car. Most of the problems I hasten to add were bank related not Evans Halshaw. All through the stressful process we have had the best service from the person I dealt with at EH in Horsforth Leeds. No matter what the ridiculous question was I asked he kept on smiling and made the process a lot less painful. He really knows his stuff. The rest of the staff were always really helpful and pleasant. I would recommend anyone looking for a new or used car to pay them a visit. Many thanks.

  4. Toked my Citroen C4 Cactus in Kettering branch where i’ve been overcharged for a major service by £110 compared to other Evans Halsaw locations. I’ve been charged £375 where the other 2 locations quote me just £265 for same plan. Spoked with the branch manager, that didn’t offered any explanation or any inters in sorting out this issue. I’ve spoked with him about evans halsaw price back promise but he said is referring just to used cars and not to service plans(even if on website is saying that is also available on any repair/service). My front tyre been replaced with a Nexen cheap tyre but been charged for a premium tyre(£95) Complained all of this to the branch manager but he was trying to get rid of me instead of trying to sort my issue out. Been to Kettering branch just because my 2018 car was bought from his branch couple of months back and was making a noise from the driver front side since i’ve bought it from them and been promised this will get fixed under extended warranty after it been with them service 2 times before and failed to be fixed. Will never use Evans Halsaw Kettering again and i am looking to escalate my complain with Resolver, Evans Halsaw customer support head office and trading standards since the unit manager was not even trying to deal with my complain

  5. Bought a car last month and paid a refundable deposit of £200 to bring my new car from another Evans Halshaw showroom for me to look at and buy. It was agreed that this £200 deposit would be refunded straightaway once completion of the sale was completed. The sale of the car was completed on 22nd Feb 2020 and i was told i wiuld receive the refund no later than 5 days later (24th feb 2020). It is now 3rd March 2020, 21 days after deposit was taken and still NO REFUND! Contact Evans Halshaw they said they have processed it but checked with my bank and there are no refunds showing or even pending. MORALE OF STORY DON’T BELIEVE A WORD CHESTER BRANCH OF EVANS HALSHAW TELL YOU AS IT IS!

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