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The Exmo cryptocurrency exchange acts as a platform for the exchange and trading of digital coins and real money. The company was founded in 2014 with a focus on clients from the CIS countries. During this time, the resource has demonstrated high reliability and has taken its niche in the post-Soviet space. The popularity of the service is evidenced by the fact that the number of registered users exceeds 1.5 million. At the same time, the daily trading volume reaches 20 million USD. Registration and verification To create a profile, enter your e-mail address on the official website exmo.com, create a login and password. To gain access to the services of a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to pass verification. The client is required to confirm: identity. It is necessary to enter personal data and attach a scan of a national or international passport (ID-card). the address. Enter the details of the place of residence and attach a photo of the document confirming the address. This could be a tax document, a utility bill, a bank statement; appearance. Take a selfie photo holding your passport or ID-card, as well as a piece of paper with the current date indicated and signed by EXMO. The picture should be of good quality, and details should be clearly visible; payment card. Take a photo of both sides of the plastic card. The cryptocurrency exchange only accepts personalized cards belonging to the account holder. Cover with fingers 7 and 8 the digit of the number, CVV code and expiration date.


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  1. I am completely satisfied with the exchange, especially after the recent reduction in trading fees to 0.1%. Now everything is just perfect, I enjoy my income and do not care about anything.

  2. Perfect service with great support. All questions are answered within 15-20 minutes!

  3. The exmo platform meets modern requirements, and recently started using a mobile application! Here, for the time being, developers need to work on many points, but I think users will like this option!

  4. I just deposited £200, money left my account but never showed up in my EXMO account and was just classed as error on their side. When trying to get help they ask for photos of everything including card it sent from and bank account screenshot showing money has left… even though I have already provided screenshot on app with the transaction number and everything… terrible experience and loads of hoops to jump through just to see my money… I will withdraw money straight away but bet will have a fee to pay as I am scared of the experience that awaits me to buy and withdraw crypto currency.

  5. EXMO has the simplest and most intuitive interface of all that I have tried. And the most important thing that surprised me is that there is no commission for trading in USDT / crypto = 0%!

  6. Made and account just to leave a review here and warm everyone of this website. All of the 4-5 star reviews on here are left by their own staff and paid personnel. Where do I start?

    Making an account is easy and quick but only because they want your money. Getting your account verified after you’ve deposited funds is IMPOSSIBLE. N.B. you need your account verified in order to withdraw your money, so if you deposit money and looking to withdraw it, forget about it.

    All the 5 star reviews praise the mobile app with let’s you now it’s their own personnel writing the 4-5 star reviews. The mobile app will never let you log in. Great app, great front. Believe me never use it.

    If you have even an iota of sense in your head and your not a stone for brains nitwit believe me. DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM. This is the realest review from the realest person you can get.

  7. Ref: 815725. I never receive my SMS text after i invested some of my money. Worried as I can no longer access my account. Have sent EXMO and email and still awaiting response.

    App keeps on crashing, has crashed on my 3 times in the past two days saying there is maintenance done.

    Fairly easy to set up and invest but after…. not the smoothest of rides.

    EDIT: this really isn’t going well. Have heard back from EXMO once and they seemed to say it is my phone that is causing the issue. I cannot access my account now and they are slow in their replies. For a brand new customer, this is not a great experience at all.

  8. This is a great platform. The best piece of EXMO trade is zero fees in USDT/crypto.

  9. For me, EXMO is the best cryptocurrency platform. I started to trade on EXMO and want to continue. That guys are moving in the right direction.

  10. I downloaded the app in the appStore, and I can say that I have not seen such a convenient interface for a long time. I was glad that the Commission for trading in USD/crypto pairs = 0% . Thank you very much EXMO, I have been using IT for 1 year.

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