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Financial Focus LTD

Financial Focus LTD are founded with one clear objective – to provide traders with safe, easy, as well as low cost access to foreign exchange markets. Our founders and partners are all traders themselves and have extensive trading experience in Forex and CFD. At the same time, our shareholders were all reputable figures in the financial industry. Our Advisory Board, with their extensive knowledge and experience, is able to provide our clients with unrivaled professional training and advice.

Our mission

Our mission is to become a leading global broker in the financial services industry, powered by technological innovation, exclusive products and flawless trading conditions in order to serve and exceed the expectations of our traders, investors and stakeholders.

Who We Are

We derive from Trader like you so we understand your desires whether you are a Retail, a Group or an Investment Fund. In the context of too much competition, too many attractive and chaotic offerings in FX/ CFDs market nowaday; We do understand that the most important thing which traders want is to find a reliable, secure, professional and fair investment environment. With a professional, dedicated, diversified management team from many different cultures & years of experience in the market; We are confident we absolutely can make it come true and become one of the Ethical Brokers where you can trust.
Financial Focus LTD
Financial Focus LTD

3 responses to “Financial Focus LTD Review”

  1. Financial Focus LTD is the clearest example of where you definitely can’t trade. Unfortunately, beginners do not always understand how to distinguish a normal brokerage company from a real scammer. In the cons, indicate the signs of a fraudulent broker in order to somehow help newcomers in the field of trading. Since such scam brokers are actually more than 95% of all companies that provide such services. These fake sites open and close, simultaneously taking other people’s capital.

  2. Well, what can I say, the broker exceeded all expectations. More precisely, I was even afraid to trade here, otherwise you never know, the broker was not very similar to a trusted company, it will still scam and throw money at it. But no, thank God this did not happen, because the first thing I checked was how the withdrawal of funds works, and it works exactly stably and reliably. Now I have already withdrawn from the office 8 times, this has become an iron guarantee for me that I can continue to trust the broker. The initial deposit was 500 pounds, gradually began to increase capital. I withdraw partially, somewhere around 30-40% of the net profit. I did not see any stocks from Financial Focus LTD. The company provides good services at a fairly high and high quality level. In general, I do not regret that in the end I came to trade here.

  3. You don’t need to know the address of this scam))) It either doesn’t exist, or it’s a dirty offshore company, where the legal entity is a buyer for a couple of hundred bucks, somewhere in the Grenadines, this is a normal practice for scam brokers)) There is obviously nothing normal and reliable no, and it won’t. The project was made in a hurry, just to start up and start to breed people)) They even copied the site, changing it a little, of course. And so, these types of accounts, which are indicated here, have most of these bred. There are swindlers and swindlers riveting them in packs in order to take away babules from gullible guys.

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