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About company:
FTX is an exchange founded in 2019. The company that owns it is registered in Antigua and Barbuda. Specializes in spot trading and derivatives of cryptocurrencies, as well as OTC transactions. FTX supports margin trading on select cryptocurrencies with a maximum leverage of 1:3. The exchange provides its own mobile trading application. Works with major fiats. The trading terminal allows you to make transactions using seven types of orders.

8 responses to “FTX Review”

  1. I am so glad I was wise to report them to F A S T a s s e t R E C O V E R Y ) • or . G guys who help me gain back my money back completely

  2. Not only have they held my funds with no reasonable explanation, they have also restricted/blocked my account with no prior warning, this is nothing but a bad company with no regard for their users’ well-being. Was just fortunate to see a comment here which led me to get my deposits on FTX through pandrex.co i really hope FTX can be cautioned for their behaviour.

  3. I lost my 2FA key 10 days ago, I cannot contact FTX because their ticketing system is corrupt. If you contact support you are sent back to the ticket system that has decided that you have too many open tickets, the only one I see is a closed one.

  4. First of all they could lock your withdrawals at any time without any reason
    The second is their worst support experience!
    The third “your money isnt your money”? lol what?

    Better to use cold wallet like ledger!

  5. Scam again and again happened with me. This time ftx scam on me. I trade a future coin(alcx), buy it on 22.85$ and sell it on 22.65$. So im become profitable. Right ? But that is not happened. I lost 12$. I submit a customer ticket with screenshot, surprisingly without any response they close my ticket. What the hell is going on ftx, anyone know? Will they scam with us?

  6. They limited my account and asked me questions about the deposit I made to my account. I answered all of them and send them documents of proof. Their support is awful and they are only answering once a day. Now they blocked my whole account, tampered with my assets on the account, and told me they are not going to let me withdraw my assets because the sender’s wallet is on their blacklist database. This company is a real thief. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY ON THEIR WEBSITE. They have a policy that let them block all of your money whenever they want. Now they are not even answering the ticket. SCAM.

  7. There is a company going under the banner of FTX
    The link I was given is bitcoin-trc.net
    Don’t fall for it like me it is a scam
    I have a balance of 57,848.78 but can’t withdraw without paying them more money for what they call a Risk Fund. This is after paying “personal tax” “Insurance” and a fee for trying to withdraw a large amount.

  8. My account is sitting idol & my debit card is unactivated. I never verified the inital account through google thinking longterm. I account was not logged out and not verified through google yet. I ordered a debit card beforehand thankfully. Whats the deal? Who can help? Customer care on the ftx debit card never answers.Its a recording everytime. ive called over 500 times.🤷‍♂️

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