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The popularity of digital money is growing every day. There are different ways to get the desired coin, but it would be best to use the services of professional trading platforms. The list of honest companies includes the world-famous exchange HitBTC. The platform is in the lists of trading luminaries of the crypto space. She has a long history and vast experience. It appeared on the market in 2013 with a starting capital (in the form of investments) of about $6 million. Information about the work of the company often appears in the media. Articles are published in Finance Yahoo, Cointelegraph and DigitalJournal. The exchange has created its own product – this is a highly functional API. The idea has concentrated a maximum of usefulness for the site developers.


11 responses to “HitBTC Review”

  1. Takes about a week just to get a reply to a message. I am trying to withdraw my ethereum for over a 2 month now. Do not use this exchange! Their KYC process alone takes about a month. Already lost about 1200$ because of them.

    Support #308515

    Update 9/11/2018
    Still going over back and forth with their “security team” who demand to prove I am the owner of the wallets. 3 Month past my first review and they still think I am someone who is trying to steal information. This is how they get your money folks. Worst customer service!

  2. The prices of withdrawal sux.. do not go near hitbtc or you’ll regret .. they charge u more coins then what you have for withdrawn… example I tried to withdraw dentcoin.. attempting withdrawal it said you will get -700 coins … 1000 withdrawal fees wow . Stay away

  3. I lost my 2FA, sent everything and still no response for my ticket.

  4. HitBTC lock my balance without reason.

  5. They have had the $SC wallet off line for over 3 months locking people out of their funds costing users (like myself) thousands of dollars. Their only reply is that “it will be fixed soon”… I guess they are unclear on what the word “soon” means. Support is a joke and they just keep adding more coins/tokens instead of fixing problems with what they already offer. If you invest at HitBTC be ready to be locked out of your funds for long periods of time with no answers from their support dept. My guess is they lock the wallets when the coin is up… then sell all of the users coins and buy them back at a lower price before unlocking the wallets. This way they get to keep the profit the users could have made. Invest at you own risk at HitBTC

  6. i am waiting to resolved my ticket id- 292501 by 2 months, my dogecoins are not reflecting in my hitbtc acc, the responce by hit btc support team is very slow and awful, all time they just say we are looking into issue by 2 month…
    let’s see if they solve my issue, i will update next post

  7. Paul Bernardus Johannes Oude Vrielink says:

    I waited 2 (TWO) months (MONTHS!) for my 2FA to be disabled.

    This is unacceptable.

    I lost about 100 $ because I couldnt sell my coins.

    Who is going to pay for that!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please note that withdrawals are temporarily unavailable due to technical maintenance. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

    i have xvg blocked in this site
    not possibile to sell min of 1000


  9. I have tried their customer support but no response Ticket ID #180585: no transaction hash
    could customer support have a look

  10. I have 100 k HVN token on hitbtc and withdrawal is not available.
    I filed a ticket 6 days ago and got no answer till now. Worst customer service ever. Absolutly disappointed
    Got a lost transaction back in my account, but withdrawals are still unavailable. It seems hitbtc is working on it

  11. I tried to withdraw my Monero, over 10,000 worth, and the Monero were never sent to the specified wallet. I tried repeatedly to get in touch with support but no one replied. So I’m out of over 10,000 dollars now. Do not use this exchange, ever.

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