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9 responses to “Huobi Review”

  1. Huobi is not an honest company. I got hacked for over $100k usd.
    They’ll tell you they’ll help if you have the police contact them. They won’t.
    Then they’ll tell you to call the FSA Seychelles, but they’re just as corrupt.
    Then they’ll keep telling you that over and over again for hundreds of emails. You can keep resending them the proof that you’ve already done it. They’ll pretend you didn’t send it, and continue to run you around from dept to dept.
    They’ll break their own User Agreement to protect illicit deposits, and they’ll continue to accept payments from a wallet even after they know it’s a hacker.
    I’ve been chasing the money for a year now. Justin Sun is a total crooked goof.

  2. Trigger orders do not always work. Due to the fault of the exchange, transactions did not take place. To which they replied “we’re sorry”. This is disrespectful attitude towards customers. Large trading commissions, which will always be charged, work properly here.
    Look for another exchange where they value their customers.

  3. I saw a Huobi promotion on twitter for a new coin that required you transfer in a certain amount of funds to be eligible to participate.

    So I set up an account and transferred in the funds. But on the day I suddenly got a pop up saying I was ineligible because I was in Australia.

    There was no mention of this restriction in any of the documents I read about the offer.

    I feel this is basically just a bait-and-deny ruse to get people to sign up and transfer funds in.

  4. My money was stolen from Huobi wallet, some people write me in wats app to start using Huobi then they ask me to put more and more money to wallet, then it just gone. People, please read it be carefuly, please don’t use Huobi its a SCAM platform

  5. I have tried all known cryptocurrency trading platforms, and have long chosen Huobi for its robustness, security, and speed. The support really is very expeditious. The commissions are a bit high if you are not a regular trader, they should change that. But really Huobi and Huobi Wallet are great

  6. Do NOT waste your time with this exchange. You will get really bad experience.

  7. One BIG fraud STAY AWAY !!
    One BIG fraud STAY AWAY !!! I deposited 0.04 BTC from Binance. When getting the deposit address of bitcoin in my huobi account, they asked me what network to use, I chose ERC20. Now they lost my transaction. After 48h they came back to me stating that they didn’t support the token, I deposited. BTC !!!!!! Of course they do. My BTC was transformed into BTTC, while they give options to use the ERC20 network for the deposit. Support now told me that they don’t?? You offer something but if you use it, you loose your money. Now they are willing to investigate for 0.04eth per transaction (it takes 12 for a deposit). I send BTC from Binance, so I have all the numbers, still they come with crap. One BIG fraud STAY AWAY !!!

  8. Overall, Huobi offers an elevated exchange experience that lives up to its high-flying reputation as one of crypto’s best exchanges. It’s not easy to impress when it comes to exchanges but Huobi does exactly that with its instant customer service, fast and smooth user interface, and highly secure exchange with a litany of options for protecting your account.

    About the only thing that’s not to like is that some aspects of the exchange are quite confusing. The excess of domain names and complicated presentation of its VIP memberships against Huobi Token make it difficult to parse through which is the best option. It’s odd that Huobi even bothers with VIP membership at all when it can simply roll all those benefits into owning HT at different tiers (like Binance does).

    Despite those shortcomings, Huobi delivers where it counts and gives us access to tokens from the Asian market that we wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable trading.

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