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Phone: +27 10 753 1177

Address: Unit 203, No. 16 Corner Hutson and Eyre Streets, Blake Building, Belize City, C.A.

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Trade with Confidence

Discover our advanced, innovative and intuitive WebTrader trading platform and trade CFDs with confidence in the most popular and sought-after worldwide assets.

All these available from your favourite browser at any device to take your CFDs trading to the next level.

  • ComplianceInvestMarkets upholds strict industry regulatory compliance requirements, the highest industry standards to ensure a safe and secure trading experience.
  • SecurityAll client’s funds are kept in separate trust accounts with investment-grade banks. Using the highest standard PCI scan and SSL certificate.
  • SupportOur dedicated support team is always available to meet our trader’s needs, working around the clock to provide assistance to our international traders.
  • PlatformsWe offer advanced CFDs trading platforms, our WebTrader and the MetaTrader 4, available to InvestMarkets traders for web and mobile.
  • QualityWe’ve built InvestMarkets on the foundation of delivering the best trading experience to traders around the world. We push ourselves to maintain our standards while making sure we keep offering more to our traders.
  • is operated by Arvis Capital Limited, a Belize Invest Firm, authorised and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The company’s licence number is 000307/166.

11 responses to “InvestMarkets Review”

  1. Did not seem like a bad idea at the time but eventually i found out what they were about trying to get my capital out was the hardest aptitudeclaim did best to get me out

  2. They lost my money after two days.
    And i asked my money return they said yes.
    But i cannot. They deceived me tp scam

  3. will investmarkets keep their word of commitment to return my all 9252 USD money ????

  4. This broker has the main thing required for holding trades in the long term. It’s regulation. When you know that your broker has a license, you can trust it and you know that nothing bad will happen to your trades when you hold them for a long time. I wouldn’t be so confident when dealing with an unregulated broker. I don’t have such a problem with this broker. The longest period I held a trade here was two months. I successfully closed that deal and withdrew my profit.

  5. In 2019 I opened an account with InvestMarkets and I am satisfied with it to this day. I appreciate my broker for reasonable spreads, convenient trading conditions, quick execution of deals and instant response to any request. Among trading platforms company offers Web-platform, mobile app, MetaTrader 4. I can recommend this broker to beginners who are making their first steps in Forex as well as to experienced traders who can discover new opportunities with InvestMarkets. InvestMarkets is a reliable broker with high-quality service. InvestMarkets is currently the good company.

  6. For me, stability is a priority! InvestMarkets has not been on the market for a long time, but nevertheless has established itself as an excellent place to trade. Before coming to them, I looked through the Internet, studied the reviews. I read the site. I even turned to support and asked tricky questions: a competent call center operator is also an indicator for me. I will never take seriously a broker who planted a “”dunno”” to help a client. I opened an account, filled up the depot (for trial), I liked everything, and I trade here! I’m not going to leave. I withdraw my money without hindrance.
    If we talk about InvestMarkets reviews, then I have been working with this broker for a couple of years and during this time he has never let me down. He has a large number of instruments to work with and a lot of currency pairs to trade. This broker is perfect even for beginners. And the minimum deposit is only $ 250. There are no problems with the withdrawal of money, it always happens quickly. And if there are questions about the work, then their technical support service solves quickly. As long as I enjoy working with him, I can make good money.

  7. InvestMarkets offers hot stock CFDs to trade on. The platform is reliable and fast, the workspace is intuitive and customizable. The choice of leverages allows me to apply different trading strategies depending on the risk-to-reward ratio. I can use the swing trading strategy on major currency pairs, scalping on commodities, and medium-term mean reversal strategy for stock indices.

  8. For a year of work at InvestMarkets, I can only note the pluses. Accounts for every taste: from a basic account to a VIP account. Large selection of trading instruments. There are both majors and exotic. Replenishment of the account occurs without any problems at all, if suddenly you urgently need to top up the deposit. And they withdraw money quickly. Platform without brakes, flies. What else do you need?

  9. I came to this broker on the advice of a colleague and with considerable distrust. But as it turned out, my fears were in vain. For all the time, only once I had a showdown with the manager on a dubious deal. But oddly enough, the issue was resolved in my favor. When I’m too lazy to do market analysis myself, I trade by signals. The quality is quite decent. In short, in my opinion, InvestMarkets deserves five stars. In principle, I like this broker. Really good option. Of course, the deposit is not the lowest, but otherwise everything is at the highest level. In general, you can work calmly and without fear for the safety of your funds.

  10. I would like my broker to give me a chance to increase my deposit and that the minimum deposit is not high for me. In fact, I couldn’t make more than $ 300-400 for a deposit.
    I registered with InvestMarkets broker because there is a minimum deposit of $ 250. Also, the broker has a max leverage of 1: 500. This was my good opportunity))

  11. From the very beginning the company has left a positive impression. We will see how it goes further, but so far the customer suppport attentiveness and helpfulness has impressed me a lot.

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