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Website: https://www.kucoin.com/

About company:
The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has been on the market since 2017. The platform ranks sixth in the world in terms of trading volume. Supports transactions with more than 295 cryptocurrencies. And also with five fiats: USD, CAD, VND, IDR and CNY. The exchange offers spot, margin trading with a maximum leverage of 1:10, market and limit orders. The most popular cryptocurrencies in KuCoin are XBT, BTC, ETH. Commission policy of the site: trading transactions - from 0.005 to 0.01%, deposit and withdrawal of funds - free of charge.

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  1. Never leverage trade with this company. They cancle orders as they like. **** broker. Stealing money from people. And customer service is a joke telling me to have a screenshot. They are laughing you in the face. Terrible. Wonder how they exist.

  2. I like Kucoin because you are able to find many potential “gems” among cryptocurrencies which price could explode in the future, if you know what you are doing of course, not a financial advice 🙂

  3. Dont trade on Kucoin guys. Played for fun with 750 usdt and got liquidated by a scam liquidate engine. Bought for 0.5217 with 35x leverage got liquidated at 0.5318 all the money was gone. I asked the support team what happened they told me that there liquidate engine took my funds over and liquidate me. Got rekt by there scam engine lol. I normally trade futures in the stock market i know my leverage was extreme high, but getting liquidated like this is scam. Kucoin is scam stay away from them. You should normally get liquidated when 750usdt is gone not when you are 450usdt in red. When i was around 60% in red they closed my position and liquidate me and took the other 40%. Estimated liquidation price what they where showing was much higher and the real liquidation price. I also calculate it before i open a position. After taking a position i saw a different liquidation price. I already knew Kucoin is out there for something. When support team told me that there liquidation engine took my funds over and liquidate me because of high volalitility i closed the chat. That was enough for me. Trading for 10 years with futures on the stockmarket never faced a scam like this. Kucoin is scam stay away from them. 750usdt is not a lot of money for me i gambled with it and played with extreme high leverage i dont care about that money, but maybe this comment of me here can save your money.

  4. This is a proven scam broker. I bought a bitcoin cloud mining plan for 220 days. I paid 142 USDT. After 142 days I got only 31 USDT from the mined BTC. So this is a pure scam and modern trap to take your money

  5. Having a trouble withdrawing DERO coins using Kucoin exchange – Unlike Trade Ogre, Kucoin requires you to have a dst port? what is a DST port? Kucoin does not allow you to withdraw your dero coins without a DST PORT. Nobody seems to know what a DST port is. Many Dero Coin purchases are having this issue. Therefore they all have they’re DERO coins stuck on the Kucoin exchange.

  6. Kucoin is a scam. They intentionally set up an algorithm that liquidates orders early to maximize their profits on their futures trading platform. Kucoin steals money out its users pockets every day through this system. Using their platform is a major gamble.

  7. Do not use KuCoin .. it is a scam .. at a point you will have a problem with withdrawal nd the money will be gone .. that will make you go through unbearable times of your life … this Asian app Should be removed from the App Store …

  8. The tickets took really long time to be responded (at least 3 day for the first response and about 14 days in total, but my problems still there).I can send some pics as proof but there is no such function on this site

    a large number of people are getting hacked on Kucoin.com recently.
    all our savings have been stolen from kucoin doe to a huge security hole.
    kucoin is not giving us any help or explanation , they only send us a copy paste message blaming the victims!
    this is an ONGOING issue and so far Kucoin. has NOT taken ANY action to stop it! although they know exactly how hackers are exploiting this security issue!


  10. Please , Please stay away , like many Said the Future trading is meant to robb you , to Steal your money , they will allways liquidate you , can’t explain here as is to long just stay away

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