Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited Review


Phone: 442080976146; 48221857370

Address: Sweetwood Drive Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302

About company:

We offer our clients excellent trading conditions, great liquidity and low spreads, delivering a super-efficient service, with a strong focus on fast execution. Being always a leader in embracing cutting-edge technology, Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited strives to stay ahead of industry trends by adopting the latest technologies to cater to its traders evolving needs.

We provide in-house live customer support-trading desk in many languages. Our main focuses are to offer both an exceptional trading experience and outstanding customer support.

The principles we adhere to

Providing the most up-to-date trading platform, we offer you a good possibility to trade anytime you want.

Here at Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited we believe our clients should have all the forex trading tools successful traders need at their disposal.

Our advantages

Low commissions
Cutting edge technology
100% web-based trading terminal
Great leverage
A variety of fast and reliable payment options
The latest economic news and professional market analyses
We provide the most customer centric service in the field. We are committed to our clients’ success, by delivering transparent trading conditions for each investor.
Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited
Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited

6 responses to “Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited Review”

  1. I didn’t plan to trade, let alone deposit money somewhere, so I wasn’t even interested in brokers. Lamelle Financial Consultants Limited found me on their own… I’m still puzzling over where they got my number, and I reproach myself for believing them 🙁 bitches told me so convincingly that I decided to take a chance.Just for fun, I threw 100 bucks, they told me what was happening, there were no difficulties.Slowly I started trading and the account grew.Then I was told that I can open a bonus account and get + 70% to the amount “I was crazy with happiness! I collected all my savings and tumbled in there! These creatures deceived me and threw me. I did not receive any interest, I also could not return the earnings and invested money.

  2. They are deceiving LAMELLE FINANCIAL..((I suspect that there is no real entry to the market, because they set the quotes themselves and draw what they want on the charts. The terminal is somehow incomprehensible, I have not seen such an interface yet. In general, do not mess with this scam.

  3. Thank you so much for opening people’s eyes. I have already registered with LAMELLE FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LIMITED and did not know how much to deposit there. I decided to read reviews and thank God I stumbled upon you.

  4. So they are not brokers but scammers)))
    By the way, they read these comments, after I wrote the previous review here, they called, the woman could not chat, so the man decided to take it, such a brisk

  5. 120% scammers I allowed this and gave the bastards $ 1500. It is surprising that while the site is active of this garbage dump. For anyone will be punished sure

  6. This is a fraudulent organization. There is no broker, there is no intermediary, there are only cheaters on the other end of the phone, there is a fake trading platform through which scammers can draw any course. There is no license, no official registration, no insurance.

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