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Official site: https://finance-official.npbfxrus.org/
Phone: 8 800 200-06-76, +7 495 128-98-90
Address: uite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
About company
NPBFX has been providing brokerage services to clients in the FOREX currency market since 1996. Until 2016, private traders and corporate clients were serviced on behalf of a bank licensed by the Bank of Russia (Nefteprombank JSC). At the beginning of 2016, a rebranding and transfer of private client services to the international company NPBFX Limited with an IFSC license was carried out. The bank continues servicing corporate clients.
In the period from 1996 to 2006, the company primarily served clients in the HNWI/UHNWI segment. In 2006, the company introduced the NPBTrader Internet trading platform, connected via a proprietary bridge to liquidity providers in the interbank market. Thus, the company has become one of the first retail brokers to serve clients exclusively on STP/NDD technology using a brokerage business model that excludes conflicts of interest with clients.
In 2011, the company began serving clients through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The platform is connected to a liquidity aggregator that allows you to transfer client transactions to Tier 1 banks.
The NPBFX service portfolio contains offers for almost any category of clients:
private traders with classic trading strategies;
algorithmic traders, HFT traders, scalpers;
traders who need to provide liquidity for large trading volumes;
institutional clients and partners: brokerage companies, hedge funds and corporate clients;
traders with individual needs.
In 2016, NPBFX was awarded the status of a member of the Financial Commission category A, the amount of the compensation fund was increased to $20,000 per client.
Currently, NPBFX serves clients from different regions of the world and operates in accordance with international standards of good business conduct in the financial services markets.


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  1. Greetings traders all. I will write a little bit about NPBFX. I’ll tell you from my experience that this is the only place where there are no murky stories. I have never had any messy stories here. I was worried about the money on my account when I had a great amount (13,000 dollars), but the broker did not disappoint me there either. The deposit and withdrawal works fine up to now. My broker should not be afraid to ask for the money but I still have no problems with withdrawal. I have no doubts in recommending to all, broker is reliable.

  2. I’ve been with Nefteprom for a long time now. Because it doesn’t have the kind of muddle that you sometimes find with other unprofitable brokers. The terms and conditions are transparent, in principle, will fit on The trading tools are available for all tastes, analytics, and withdrawals with no fees. There are trading tools for all tastes, analytics, withdrawal without commission there is. Of course, to make money, the depo of 10-12 thousand rubles will not be enough, forgive me, beginners who think that this is a lot of money. And don’t believe me. to those who lure you in and say it’s enough. Well at NPBFX you definitely won’t find such an offer. For those who want to develop as investor, there is even a separate platform for this, go for it.

  3. I do not particularly like to write reviews, but here I decided to leave. I will start with the fact that their attitude to customers is always on top, support works – it’s real big plus! And now the main thing, I’m just drawing conclusions. After the sanctions, who else among the brokers can boast of such conditions? To make money They give, withdrawal works, commission 0! NPBFX is the only normal broker who lets you deposit/withdraw money from a Russian card. It seems to me, Such a broker deserves attention, really. I’ve been trading here for more than a year with comfort and pleasure.

  4. NPBFX is a great broker. I have something to compare it to.
    I like to trade from my phone, very convenient, everything is always at my fingertips. Nothing glitches and all orders performs smoothly. The first withdrawal went perfectly, as promised without commission. I can refill in many ways, all purses are available, not everyone You don’t see that at any broker. I went in from my phone, deposited, checked, very convenient. Funds are quickly credited to the account. There was a little hitch somehow, but It was me, there were holidays and everything got a little bogged down. I watch their reviews and TC on the analytical portal. I recommend them. It helps navigate the trade.

  5. For myself, I can say that I’m more of a beginner than an experienced trader. Although I’ve been trading for more than a month. I’m self-taught, I studied trading I studied the topic of choosing a broker in great detail, reading various blogs and opinions on forums. I studied the topic of choosing a broker in great detail, read various blogs and opinions on forums. I analyzed different companies, but NPBFX got the most pluses. In addition to everything, I liked the fact that the broker has many awards and there are even Chinese ones. But China won’t let just anyone into its market. So far everything is going well in my trading, so NPBFX fully justifies my choice.

  6. In general, I have no complaints about any of the brokers I have worked with. For all 10 years I’ve been on the market I’ve always chosen my service provider wisely. For various reasons I had to switch to other companies, and for the last 2 years I have been with NPBFX. I can say that the company is reliable without any big ideas. I am always satisfied with everything, both with execution and spreads, no questions about withdrawal.

  7. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies here for 4 months now. At first, I couldn’t get a stable income. Crypto was forecasting hard, running back and forth, though I tried different pairs to open. I began to think how to forecast them more accurately. I was browsing through the broker’s analytical portal and accidentally saw that There are trading signals on cryptocurrencies.
    I used to be skeptical of such forecasts and analytics, but now I realized how wrong I was! I started stupidly I did everything according to analytics and there were profits, and a lot of them! The statistics now on the hour time frame 83% of profitable trades.

  8. NPBFX is probably the best and probably the only broker for the CIS where you can safely and accurately trade cryptocurrencies. My friend tried to I was told to open an account at a very cool cryptocurrency exchange, but he was rejected because of his Russian citizenship. They justified it by the fact that there would be problems with input/output of money. Then I suggested my friend to open an account at NPBFX. I myself have been quietly trading crypto here for two years now and haven’t had any problems because of my citizenship. I need I withdraw some part of my profit, make a request and use the same crypto to withdraw it. Plus, the trading conditions are some of the best on the market for these services. So. I recommend NPBFX to everyone who is looking for a good alternative to crypto exchanges.

  9. I am interested in different ways of passive investing. I studied a lot of brokers, including brokers on this topic and probably all of them are lopsided and miserable! I’m not impressed with them … Only NPB Invest looks adequate and I want to experiment with it. I’m sorry, but that’s the fact.

    The service from a serious broker, not an independent platform with no connection to any organization.
    2. Money is placed directly with the broker, which is a hundred times safer than sending it to some service belonging to someone unknown.
    The good reputation of the broker and the service. No problems with payment of profits, no
    there are no problems with profit payouts, no “scam”.
    4. No commission for copying trades, i.e. the service is free for investors.

    In general, I dealt with small deals. The sums within the 300 dollars worked and a little but stably earned, but nevertheless tested on myself!

  10. This is the forex broker of 2022. In my experience, the prospects for such a service are tremendous. First of all, this broker has been on the market since 1996, which means it’s reliable. Secondly, the spreads are the best in the market. In addition, there are no account replenishment fees, leverage is up to 1:1000, which allows traders to work with small deposits and lots
    0.01 – excellent spreads so you don’t risk a lot of volume! If you have 5 thousand rubles, you can get a bonus in Forex market. All in all, if you have 5 thousand rubles you can effectively trade with this broker which is not the case with other companies.

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