Orbit Global FX Review

Website: https://orbitglobalfx.com

Phone: +971 42570725

Address: Vistra Corporate Service Center, Wickhams Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands

About company:
Welcome Aboard Orbit Global FX!

Since its genesis, Orbit Global FX has been providing impeccable services and trading platform to transform the Forex Market. We have grown all over the world and are sculpturing the trading arena by providing the best in class services, products and attractive opportunities for our customers to trade with us. Orbit Global FX is spearheading in administering online trading services specifically for currency traders. We are a perfect catch for the ones who want to succeed consistently.

Located in the heart of British Vigin Islands.

Company Vision

To emerge as the most sought-after trading services company. We endeavour for Excellence in today’s trading avenue. We aim to develop a featuring; aspiring trading solution & boost our services for the optimum trading experience. Our dedicated team strives to offer our clients remarkable through the best instruments and tools.

Company Mission

Our mission is to constantly strive on aiming and providing trading services that ensure our customers a successful trading mindset in Forex and the financial market. Even we aspire to make a fully organized, comfortable trading journey for our customers, and turn a beginner into an expert.
Orbit Global FX
Orbit Global FX

7 responses to “Orbit Global FX Review”

  1. Don’t even think about investing here. My advice to you – stay away from this filthy office and do not risk your capital in vain. These scammers did not even return my initial deposit, although they told me about fabulous earnings.

  2. Friends, nothing good awaits you with this disgusting office, because it simply uses newcomers to improve its own well-being. There are no legal documents for conducting legal activities, only I realized this very late for myself. Already managed to drain the deposit according to their own trading recommendations. No one is going to compensate for this damage, of course.

  3. Orbit Global FX only knows what to promote and talk about how cool it will be for traders to cooperate with it. And when you start asking unnecessary questions or demanding a withdrawal of funds, these guys quickly merge. They do not want problems for themselves, and therefore they opened the hunt for naive novice traders who can be hung noodles on their ears.

  4. Be careful when making a decision to cooperate, because you can get into a financial hook, as happened to me … I expected that with Orbit Global FX I would be able to trade profitably, because there is professional support and help, but all this is complete nonsense and empty promises that should not be believed. In total, the swindlers minus almost one and a half thousand dollars from my wallet.

  5. I registered on this site the day before yesterday, while I’m just figuring out the functionality. I can’t say that the support is good. I contacted the company’s employees several times and all the time they made me nervous …

  6. I will definitely invest here again, because the company does not fail in trading and withdrawing earned funds. Orbit Global FX deserves the highest rating, you can’t argue with that.

  7. I am still deciding if this company is doing legal business. I hope to get my money back but I don’t know who to believe anymore because of the fact everybody can say whatever they chose.

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