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Phone: 027 384 2787

Address:  556 Kaikorai Valley Road, Dunedin

Email: [email protected]

About company:
Stroud Motors is a local, family owned and run car dealership in Dunedin, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to help you purchase your next quality vehicle.

As a customer-centric brand, we are shaping the way you invest in your next vehicle by providing competitive prices, a range of choices and customer service that is a cut above.

Contact us through our website or come visit the dealership for a friendly chat.
Stroud Motors
Stroud Motors

4 responses to “Stroud Motors Review”

  1. They forced me to buy a warantee £300 and HPI indemnity £150 which was part of the compulsory ‘care package’ and lied about the full dealership service history. I later found out they sold me the car, took my payment and ithe car had outstanding finance on it. Stay well away, check their claims and ask for proof before driving to that garage.

  2. My bro and I drove 80 miles to buy a car advertised on Autotrader. Should not have bothered,they tried to sell us a ‘car package’ had 800 miles more than advertised,and the sales guy we spoke to had 0 charisma and wouldn’t even entertain any price bargaining/discussion. Messy cramped car lot with unprofessional sales people,trying to sell mis advertised dodgy heaps of junk. Avoid like the plague

  3. I got a car from here . A week later it broke down and the engine light come on . I had to replace the battery because it never started. After that the car work but the light was still on . I took it back and they said it’s the battery what made the light come on and it’s the common fault with the make of the car .we took it in for its mot last week it failed on emissions . The bloke said there is 28 faults wronge with the car. The car had only done 2000 miles since a got it from strood motors. When we got it they said it was service by them which we paid extra for this. The garage has said all this faults have made the engine light to come on ,that’s funny strood motors said it’s the battery . The garage looked into the car and said it has not had a service it’s still got all the same parts what it would of come out the factory with. He said the car did not start or the engine light been on because of the ecu was broken . When strood motors done the mot they must of used a nother car for the emissions test , and just turned the engine light of just to sell it and they must known of this fault

  4. I purchased a BMW 1 series over a 18 months ago now from this company, wish i had not. Nothing but issues after the 12 months, you name it it has been replaced on the car, now the car has completely packed up, turbo gone, engine now needs a recon, not very good at all. I would not recommend buying a car from Strood Motor Company, bad service and you are also forced to spend £500 on a warrenty and service pack which is useless. TAKE MY ADVICE, STAY WELL CLEAR…

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