V12 Sports And Classics Review

Website: https://www.v12sportsandclassics.co.uk

Phone: 01455 245210

Address: Unit 23 Harrowbrook Road, Hinckley, LE10 3DJ

About company:
V12 Sports and Classics was established in 2005. Initially, the company began selling classic and unique cars. From a young age cars have always been a passion of the owner and so he started a classic car business working from home. It quickly became a viable business which was selling about 20 classic cars a month; this continued for about three years. The main focus of the business was to always provide a fantastic customer journey, build a trusted relationship with the customer and in turn build a great reputation which would keep customers coming back. V12 Sports and Classics is all about providing fantastic customer service, amazing value vehicles and total peace of mind. Ensuring that all vehicles come with the AA Inspect and Protect package.

Looking forward, the business is aiming to continue the rapid growth by becoming a household brand and we are sure that this is possible using our philosophy of “building a trusted relationship with each customer and treating them like friends and family”
V12 Sports And Classics
V12 Sports And Classics

6 responses to “V12 Sports And Classics Review”

  1. Customer service while buying my Merc was excellent, there’s not a single thing I could have faulted them for. They got everything completed efficiently for me and everyone was incredibly friendly. The one thing that could lift my experience from 4 star to a 5 star one would have been a little bit of improvement on the communication after the purchase. Other than that the C-Class is brill.

  2. I would consider myself to be a very happy customer of V12’s! My 6 Series is doing very well, not a single issue to be found. The customer service was very good, they were helpful. I mainly dealt with Sarda who was very easy to talk to and informed me of all things necessary before the purchase. Thanks guys!

  3. Its early days but so far so good with my Passat! Nothing untoward to report at all. I am slowly but surely getting used to the change of driving a newer car. Great customer service while I was making the purchase. Thank you 😊

  4. Everyone who I dealt with at V12 was great, being in the industry I feel like I can be a good judge of character when it comes to car dealers. I was well looked after and got the car that I wanted so you can’t say fairer than that! Without a doubt, five stars from me.

  5. I am really pleased with my Velar and I can’t shake a stick at the help I got while I was down at the dealership having a look. There was no pressure but there was a team member on hand to answer any questions which was very helpful. No complaints from me what so ever! Five stars!

  6. The car is great and so was the service 10/10! The team was amazing very helpful and full of energy I couldn’t keep up at some point, very lively atmosphere.

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