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About company:
Team History
AAX was founded in early 2018 and after over 18 months of research and development, the exchange was officially launched in November 2019.
From the outset, the goal was to create a digital asset exchange that would be attractive to the vibrant community of retail traders, while still being able to withstand regulatory scrutiny and suit institutional financial market participants.
To create a world-class exchange suitable for both retail and institutional investors, we have brought together professionals from the world of cryptocurrencies, creatives, as well as from corporate structures such as HSBC, IBM and JPMorgan.
AAX has offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region and a team of 200 is led by CEO Thor Chan. Drawing on his experience as Deputy CEO of FDT Group, product management experience at App Annie and Microsoft, and experience in building low latency trading systems, Chan successfully established AAX as the leading institutional-grade exchange in the region in less than a year.
A strong team, robust technology, and a strong commitment to safety, market integrity, and performance: we believe that as the industry continues to evolve and regulation truly begins to take root, these elements will be key to success, long-term sustainability, and mainstream adoption.
Looking to the future and deeply convinced that cryptoassets will play an increasingly important role in the world, AAX was built with durability in mind.
The future belongs to cryptocurrencies. The future is AAX.
We are trusted by over 3 million crypto investors
Invest, trade and grow with AAX

7 responses to “AAX Review”

  1. Hello! I share my unexpected experience, maybe it will be useful to someone! I create a topic to warn other users and call for more careful use of this exchange or abandon it.
    I decided to buy BNB crumbs (for $10) for gas for various transactions in MM. I looked at SMS where BUSD is traded immediately (since I had a deposit in this currency) and BNB, the choice was made in favor of AAX since I used it once and I still have an account. I made a deposit on the exchange on 11/04/2022, bought BNB and realized that, as a youngster, he burst out because he did not look at the withdrawal limits, it turned out that the BNB bought for 10 bucks was not enough for the minimum wage. As a result, I replenished the account through MEXC, where the minimum amount for withdrawal was quite allowed. I successfully forgot about 10 bucks on AAX.
    On the night of 11/08/2022, the well-known market fall happened to all of us. I began to rush around the accounts and collect all the unused stables to pay off the fall on the coins I was interested in, as well as the transfer of USDT to other stables. Then I remembered about the unfortunate pennies on AAX, went in, bought DOGE, since it always has a low commission and a small withdrawal threshold, sent a transaction and went to bed. Today, when I checked my wallets, I did not see my DOGE. I went to the exchange, the balance was not touched, tried to repeat the transaction, writes that everything is fine and immediately a notification about the cancellation of the transaction comes to the mail. Result on the first screen! I am attaching a short correspondence with support in the following screenshots.
    For those who are too lazy to read on screenshots or who do not fumble in English, I will briefly state the essence: the exchange blocked withdrawals from the account, referring to the nonsense about the suspiciousness of transactions, and in order to resume withdrawals, they ask to go through KYC. As they put it “Deposit and withdraw immediately”. Although it is clearly seen there that the deposit was made on 04.11 and the first attempt to withdraw funds on 08.11 and transactions were made: BUSD>USDT., USDT>BNB., BNB>USDT., USDT>DOGE, and transactions were made at different times. What the fuck is “immediate” withdrawal?
    Naturally, I don’t even consider going through KYC for the sake of saving $ 10, I wouldn’t go through it for a much larger amount, I think they also perfectly understand that since a person didn’t pass KYC initially, they didn’t plan to go through it. The very fact of such a relationship is very surprising. In my purely subjective opinion, the exchange simply scammed its client, but for what?? I did not find any official announcements from the exchange regarding the tightening of the KYC procedure anywhere. Russophobia following the example of many other exchanges? Haven’t seen any ads from them either.

  2. Very arrogant, persistent, impose services from which you fight back with all your might. The calls don’t stop. You say no, you don’t need anything, they still call. You send it to x …. they still call. Comrades, but not all the same fools. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DISSOLVE EVERYONE! FUCK OFF!

  3. I was deceived with a conclusion. deposited her last money. they disappeared.

  4. I transferred money to them and they deleted my account.

  5. Oh … I suffered here. Nafig generally contacted this office, some losses with them. Money here to win is from the realm of fantasy, here money is made for you.

  6. For a major broker, as they present themselves, their spreads are high and customer support suffers. The broker is also not suitable for scalping, so the execution at the bottom takes up to 5-10 seconds.

  7. There are doubts about this broker from the very first visit to their website. On the page with information on input/output it is written that the processing time for withdrawal to EPS (Skrill, Neteller) is 7 days. When contacting online support, the operator swears that the withdrawal will be within 24 hours! So what to believe? Why such conflicting information from such a “cool” broker?

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