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  1. My complaint was 18 months ago and just had a reply’ I have now sent the link of trustpilot to my MP and have ask him to look In to all the bad reviews. And to take action, I do understand it’s a long process in the U.K. but at least the ball is rolling
    This company can not be allowed to get away with all the bad reviews and the way they handle complaints ‘

  2. Finaly i dont know what to do 7 days i cant withdrawall my money this morning i upload document third times few minute later i receive an email that said my document is approved successfuly and i verify the adress verification are completed. when i try to withdrawall i receive the same message. I spent the wole day to find an agent to help me each time they said they wil transfer me until the day are end.
    what it is ? yre not careful of customer imagine 7days with my money finaly i send the document as you asked i approve and my monney is stilll blocked thas not make sense

  3. The nutwits at binance consider my 18 different small trades of usdt in p2p platform as wash trading. My makers feature on the platform has been disabled for 3 months cause i tried manipulating the usdt market with my 18 different trades of 1 usdt each. The pathetic customer service can’t seem to review my issue at all.

  4. Despite using Binance for two years, same counterparty, I transferred savings for property transaction.

    They froze account requiring proof of address. Nothing has changed since last AMLKYC !!

  5. They have no conscience, invest with them and you will never get a withdrawal. Good to know there are still good agencies like [chainvault]tech.

  6. I don’t know why there is a low rating here, everyone knows about binance and without this project the crypto industry would be completely different. I agree that the project has big disadvantages, but the platform works and there were no problems in my experience.

  7. Absolutely terrible experience with Binance. Had to permanently delete my account and now I cant create a new one just because I somehow violated one of their TOS that they are not even telling me. Never used any VPN, never used any third party thing, never accessed my account from any other device apart from my pc and phone.

  8. No way to contact them.
    No phone number, email contact never answered…They hide themselves!

    I could pay to have a human to help me but really, there is no one to contact, in any cases.

    Any banks has a human who can deal with special cases ; with Binance, no!

    How could they get the right to be accredited?!…

    “Réponse : Binance

    Il y a 3 heures
    Hi there!
    We will be glad to help you via chat of our customer support.
    In order not to ask you for any personal information, please, connect to us via live chat here (…)
    We will assist you and check all the relevant information.

    well, you confirm you have no one ,no email adress, who could take my case until his resolution!


    Someone , in the chat, does not involve himself because he speaks upon Binance and so, he does not take seriously what the customers requires.

  9. I like Binance very much. Because, it is the best platform I have found so far. People make false reviews. But, I haven’t got any problem with Binance since I have started to use it. Love you Binance and your team. ❤️❤️

  10. There was no email sent regarding account closure at all. Would not recommend such a broker.

    In contrast, I’m using Monix eGrowth/ for their current financials, and the type of returns forecasting. They have been overall useful to me. Amazing work with fair policy. Payday everyday

  11. Thief company
    I got scammed from someone and im providing them with evidence and they said they cannot do anything and they are blaming me and locked my account with my funds in it,terrible experience ,there are plenty of trading platform that are better than this.

  12. An elaborate illuminati scam out to rob everyone with crypto ponzi and scams

    Everything is a farce about crypto. They want you to believe it’s anonymous, unregulated, decentralised hell no you are sending your money to a one way pond …

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