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Phone: 0141 648 1088

Address: 454 Hillington Road Glasgow, G52 4FH

Email: [email protected]

About company:
Where are we now
Since the opening of our very first showroom, it’s been quite the journey! Today, Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd sells more than 300,000 cars a year and has locations stretching from Elgin to Southampton.

And we’re not done yet! Our aim is to grow, innovate and inspire while continuing to offer genuine value for money and provide customer service of the highest level. Let the journey continue…

Over 20,000 cars in stock
New cars from 28 different manufacturers
193 dealerships
160 Service Centres
17 Accident Repair Centres
14 Parts Centres
Arnold Clark
Arnold Clark

3 responses to “Arnold Clark Review”

  1. I had a great experience when I went to this dealership in oldbury. I met with a guy who was very patient and had compassionate towards me. He went far and beyond for me. I’m very grateful! I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone. Kind regards

  2. Took my car for a service on a Friday at 11am. Dropped my car off had to get work done to a tyre, tried to book the work and was told all tradesman had finished for the day as it was a friday and they finish early. Which i understood. Got my car back and it was making a noise. I complained got the car checked and they told me i’d need a new clutch. Just had my MOT the month before and nothing was said about needing this work done. Car was perfectly fine until they serviced it. Staff were rude about situation and tried to blame me even though i explained this wasn’t happening until they touched the car. I have also only had my car for 2 years and the car is 4 years old and was in excellent condition. I wouldn’t buy a car from Arnold Clark again. They only care about sales and not looking after customers or their car. Would not recommend to anyone!

  3. My sister bought a fiat spider arbrath ,after three weeks had a fault only a sensor but have had the car for five days ,said they are waiting vonbthe part coming and didn’t have the decency to give her a courtesy car after her spending a small fortune vwith them , absaloute discrace , stay away from Arnold Clark or should I say shark and the guy has a cheek to be called a Sir.

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