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ADDRESS: 119435, Russia, Moscow, Bolshoi Savvinsky pereulok, 12 building 18 Coordinates for maps: 121357 55.732554, 37.564546

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About company:

Chronopay is an international company specializing in online payment processing. It has been operating since 2003. It provides solutions for accepting payments made using cards, EPS (WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money) and Internet banking services. Chronopay has also implemented specialized extensions for integration with popular CRMs. The gateway is connected to the site after the application is approved. To ensure the security of ongoing transactions, the platform uses a system consisting of more than 250 filters.


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  1. Chronopay was recommended to us. Although I met a lot of negative reviews on the Internet, I decided to listen to advice. As practice has confirmed, Chronopay has a lot of positive aspects. Much more than negative… Pros: simple and fast connection procedure, good customer service, transactions are fast and the first time, transactions can be performed in different currencies. Minus, in my opinion, only one – the system is developing very slowly.

  2. I am now looking at information about various payment services and the picture is ambiguous. Chronopay does not have significant advantages, but there are enough disadvantages. He clearly loses to analogues. Particularly frightening are stories in which customer accounts were frozen along with the funds available there. Really, this can happen? I don’t want to run into problems like this.

  3. I have no complaints about functionality. But, here’s how the technical service staff works – there is !! They answer for a very long time, sometimes it can take several days. If I start to show perseverance too zealously, they begin to be rude. They don’t help in solving problems. You are left alone with the difficulties that have arisen! Now in general they began to turn off immediately, they don’t even want to listen!

  4. Even 5-6 years ago, the functionality offered by Chronopay could still compete with other systems, but since then technologies have not stood still and much has changed. In Yandex.Checkout, the possibilities seemed wider to me, so I switched to it, which I have never regretted in a year of using it. Cons of Chronopay: poor technical support, regular crashes, unreliability.

  5. I was assured that all transactions were under reliable protection, but when our payment was lost, it turned out that not everything was so reliable and safe. The client who made the payment provided all the evidence that the money was debited from his account, but this amount did not reach its destination (to our account). The ChronoPay representative could not explain what was happening. After that, their guarantees mean nothing.

  6. I have been dealing with ChronoPay for the last two years, I chose this system when I launched my online store. I have many clients, orders go one by one. There was not a day when the system could not cope or failed due to technical errors. Everything clearly works! Connected quickly, neither then nor now, there were no problems. To conclude the contract, a minimum of documents was required – the contract itself and the questionnaire itself. Support works quickly – they always help to solve a particular issue.

  7. We used the ChronoPay service for several months, but then we had to stop cooperating with it. The reason is simple – disgusting quality of service. You should not count on the help of support, managers are in no hurry to support customers. I don’t like this arrangement at all. I had to change this payment service to another.

  8. The company owes money to its customers. Among the victims there are also large companies, such as the Zenith Fan Club, Wildberries, Gulfstream, etc. Since the summer of 2015, no one can return their money! I can’t get my money out of ChronoPay either. There were 65 thousand rubles in my account! In response to numerous appeals, they shower me with letters of guarantee. It doesn’t go any further. But there is enough PR on the Internet about ChronoPay! That’s where the money of affected customers goes! Fraudulent payment system and nothing more! I suggest that all victims not be silent, but write about their problem so that others know and do not fall for the hook!

  9. Definitely good service. By the way, it is a processing company for Tinkoff. Our experience with ChronoPay for May 2018 is almost 5 months – so far we think we are with this company for a long time. The entire standard acquiring complex works perfectly – payments come from all bank cards, electronic wallets, money does not hang anywhere and is not lost. A positive impression was formed from the very beginning, because we were able to start work by providing a minimum of documents (only a questionnaire and 2 contracts), and after 3 days the service was already connected. In the personal account, we receive an analytical summary in real time (geodata, conversion calculation, information on transactions, etc.) and we can track all the financial activity of users. Transactions are carried out quickly. As a minus, I will call slow technical support – unfortunately, the manager is in no hurry to respond to requests.

  10. Finding a decent payment aggregator for your online store was a difficult task. I settled on ChronoPay, which was recommended as a convenient and functional service. It took a minimum of documents to connect and integrate it. For 2 years of using the service, there were no reasons for complaints: the speed of transactions is high and there were no “freezes” of funds in the system. Unless the technical support service sometimes slowly solved emerging issues.

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