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Payeer has been operating since 2012 under an international PSP license. Provides solutions for accepting payments on websites through a native API and custom wallets for storing funds and settling within the system. The wallet supports major fiats (dollar, euro), popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH and others) and their automatic conversion. The Payeer gateway allows you to accept payments in over 150 ways. Transactions are validated via email, SMS, PIN code and Telegram.


8 responses to “PAYEER Review”

  1. They gave me no verification.
    And they did it in a bad way that they will not even say why.
    Thankfully i did not deposit yet even though they would allow me to do it but with no verification.

  2. Payeer is the most convenient of electronic systems. I have been using it for 2 years now, and during this time I have not noticed any negative aspects for myself. Keeping money is safe, and access to funds is always through a mobile application.

  3. Thanks, Pierre Frankly, Bayer Bank is above excellent, and I thank a special thank you to the support team. It is really a wonderful team that solves all problems well. Thank you, Bayer. Thank you, the support team.

  4. It performs its functions 100%. Storing money is safe, and withdrawing is fast and in a variety of ways.

  5. Welcome everyone. Payeer is honest in its treatment and confident about my own experience. Trust payeer. It is really excellent in transactions in terms of withdrawals and additions. Really, thank you payeer.

  6. It turns out that money can now be transferred to a Payeer wallet through this system. I withdraw funds the same way. Why so many links in this financial chain? It’s just that Payeer has more opportunities, for example, it opens up access to the internal exchange, where I earn on the growth of the Bitcoin, Ethereum rate, and then withdraw the profit. Turning cryptocurrency into fiat money is easy. You can even use the World map for this, but I haven’t got it yet.

  7. I have two reasons for this: firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, it is safe. The payment system has a reliable multi-level of protection; it has been confirmed – fraudsters have never been able to get to my money! I order branded goods on official American websites. Thanks to PAYEER, all the borders that prevented me from doing this before have disappeared. Technically, everything is fast and reliable.

  8. Very gooaccount to improuve your financial situation i hope it keeps improving for a better experience

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