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As an internationally renowned financial transaction service provider, we are committed to providing retail customers and financial institutions with a wide range of financial derivatives trading products, mainly including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, CFD and other products. Reliance Capital Markets ltd It aims to build a world-class financial services platform for investors and provide a fully transparent STP-ECN trading environment and reliable customer service

Reliance Capital Markets ltd adheres to the purpose of «fairness, efficiency and wisdom» in the capital market to provide investors with perfect and high-quality financial supporting services. Investors can make more suitable investment plans according to their own requirements, and directly obtain quotations from the market through advanced trading software.

Financial Aims LTD
Financial Aims LTD

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  1. These are thieves! You will never see your money back. Instead they will be calling you from unknown numbers insisting to invest more and never leave you alone, very rude and unprofessional. They are unable to earn any other way , but only forcing people to invest more and more money, which literally you will never see back. Good that I have lost only €100 which I was ready to lose. Stay away from them

  2. I have an almost similar story, too, my account was blocked for the amount of 30,000 thousand dollars; I deposited 26,000 how under hypnosis they powdered my brain, be healthy and still have enough impudence, they call and say they washed my percentage of transactions, pay off or unlock the account, which is 25% of the deposit amount, the idiot himself is gullible now too you have to pay the bank.

  3. Today I tried to withdraw money, they demanded to open an account for 3250s and they don’t have the opportunity to return the investment. Translated 3250s and silence. Where to run? Who to contact?

  4. This is a group of scammers who create pseudo-brokerage companies that lure people, under the guise of highly qualified traders, show drawn percentages so that people add more money to their accounts. It is impossible to withdraw money, manual management of client deposits. There is no broker.

  5. I think that many will agree with me that the most important point when choosing any brokerage intermediary is its solvency, its honesty and transparency. In other words, to guarantee the money gave to withdraw. Well, other things are no longer so important, I would say secondary. Namely, spreads, a working terminal and its performance, commissions. So, regarding payments from this broker, they work like a Swiss watch – reliably, promptly, clearly. No hidden costs will be charged from you, they will not be processed for a long time. I have already withdrawn money from this company 10 times, absolutely every time everything goes like clockwork. Well, now about the conditions. I can also praise the broker for the fact that it gives very pleasant conditions for making money – the spreads are low, the commissions are very small.

  6. I often follow brokers, and there are a lot of scams like this one. It feels like somewhere there is just the same stamper who creates fake brokerage companies under the same guise, even damn the names are similar, I will give you a couple of examples: Blacklands Finance Limited, Medifinance Limited, Premium Finance Solutions Limited. You see, these scammers even have similar names. All of them are created and work according to the same scheme – they took a real-life company in England, but about which there is no information on the Internet. They made a broker website for it and started offering fake brokerage services. Well, then the end is understandable – people are bred for money, thrown and deceived. Did you see a similar name, did you see a similar design and design of the official site? Feel free to throw in an emergency, and do not try to replenish the deposit.

  7. First, Financial Aims LTD does not have a license to operate from the FCA. There are also no other permits for brokerage activities in other jurisdictions. The second is the domain of the site, the first reviews prove that the information about the date of foundation in 2001 is a fake. This is a one day company. Three – do not indicate how orders are processed, so this is the kitchen. Four – focus on a personal manager, high leverage, bonuses. This is the handwriting of a standard scammer. The list of such cons is endless. Always check the documents, legal address, licenses, statements, work period (to be reliable), and only then think whether it is possible to trade or not. As you can see, there is none of what I have listed here. In addition, it is also a kitchen, well, here, as it were, it was a priori clear that such a company could not be a real intermediary.

  8. The dealing center deserves attention because it has been operating for over 20 years in the forex industry. I roughly understand how difficult it is to promote a broker here, because the competition is huge, and the fact that the company still exists speaks volumes. I consider this broker one of the strongest, at least in the jurisdiction of the UK. By the way, this is the most reliable jurisdiction where such types of companies are monitored very seriously.

  9. I want to dissuade anyone from replenishing a deposit in Financial Aims LTD. Why? Yes, because this is the most standard brokerage scam. The essence of the fraudulent scheme is very simple. This site is being created. Usually it is corny copied from another fraudulent site, there are a lot of them, it is done according to a template, in short. Anything is written on the site, just to show the broker in a good light and beneficial for traders: favorable conditions, round-the-clock support and maintenance, super security, vast business experience, and so on. Then the ad starts. Often through fake and custom-made positive reviews. And that’s all, then they wait until the victim bites. Well, the old-fashioned option is also possible – call the purchased telephone bases, spam by mail, social networks. Well, those victims who peck at this whole fraudulent business will definitely not be able to return their money. Anyway. And neither the courts, nor the police, no one can help them.

  10. Now I’ve made my first profit with Financial Aims LTD. Earned 250 euros, put on withdrawal. Everything is in the crypt, processed quickly. I don’t know by the time how much the transaction went, I received a notification that the funds were credited to the balance.

  11. If those people who trusted this office traded only with licensed brokerage organizations, then they would definitely not fall under this scam. They would see that such a brokerage company operates illegally, both in the UK, in Russia, and in other countries. They first need to obtain a license, and then provide brokerage services. But they did the opposite. And therefore, it is not surprising that people without exception write their complaints that money is not being withdrawn from them.

  12. Yeah… unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw funds from Financial Aims Ltd… until the last moment I thought that I could withdraw at least the part that I invested here for trading, but even this is impossible… I just invested 1000 euros here, the bare minimum , then I earned a plus of 300 euros, and I thought that I should withdraw everything in order to check the performance of the withdrawal … and such a trick that they don’t withdraw money to me in the end …

  13. The broker provides mega cool analytics. More precisely, not even the broker himself, but his professional analysts who work here. In general, I myself used to be as skeptical as possible about analytics, I thought that it was done by traders who did not know how to trade. But then the level of analysis that I saw in Financial Aims LTD changed my mind. I can even safely say in principle that this analytics is a real grail for trading and making money on speculation. The main thing here is to use risk management, without it, do not meddle, do not fly into the whole cutlet. For the last six months I have been trading only on this analytics. Moreover, he added a couple more of his filters, and the average profitability per month was + 15.84%. Do you understand, yes, how profitable trading has become?

  14. I would definitely characterize this brokerage firm positively. Nothing bad has stood out during the time that I have been trading here. The execution is instant, the withdrawal works, the managers do not interfere.

  15. Forget it, this is an unreliable dealing center. They do not have licenses, they lied about the term of work, embellished about reliability. They look like a frank scam, where you throw money and you can forget about it))))

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