GCNY Corp Review

Website: https://gcnycorp.com

Phone: +49 421 43044502

Address: Obernstraße 68, 28195 Bremen

Email: [email protected]

About company:


We do not pursue instant benefits, but steadily increase the income of our clients. Our main goal is to build stable, trusting and long-term relationships with our clients.


We work for you, so each of our clients has an easy withdrawal of funds and round-the-clock online support.


3 responses to “GCNY Corp Review”

  1. I am completely satisfied with the way this brokerage company serves me. Registration went absolutely without problems, everything went smoothly, quickly, all SMS to confirm mail, phone came instantly. Further, verification was also completed in a very short time, only 1-2 hours, which is fast for forex brokers. During the trade, no one gets me. There are no intrusive calls from managers in an attempt to sell me some kind of bonus, because of which I would then obviously not be able to withdraw funds due to onerous conditions. The terminal also does not cripple, otherwise there were cases earlier, in other brokers, that the terminal was constantly freezing, and it was impossible to trade. Here, there is definitely no such thing.

  2. Their analytics are very powerful. The staff of GCNY Corp is obviously full of real pros who know how to analyze the market, not only through technical analysis, but also through fundamentals, comparing various economic events with each other and shaping all this into beautiful and competent recommendations for traders. I myself use it as an additional filter to my trading strategy. When an analytical recommendation converges with my trading entry point, then this is a direct concrete signal for me, working out almost 100% in a risk / profit ratio of at least 1 to 3. At a distance, I have a profitable profit. On average, about 1500-2000 dollars a month comes out. Of course, not everyone, this is an average value. In the past, I had a loss of -500$, but in the current one I am already in positive territory by $4500. For two months, just an average of $ 2,000. Output is ok.

  3. You can be 100% sure that you will lose your money here. In the case of even successful trading, making a profit on the platform of this scam, there are no guarantees that you will also be able to successfully withdraw money from the broker to your bank account/card/wallet. There is not a single review on the Internet that could prove that the broker works transparently and honestly. And this is understandable, because the office is a standard kitchen swindler, throwing everyone in a row, deceiving its users. I am sure that these black scammers use any methods to get a person to drain money. And the one who failed to merge, they block, so the withdrawal of funds is still impossible.

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