The agency’s mission is to bring joy to people, develop corporate culture and help create a cohesive, strong team of leaders. This does not require boring trainings and educational seminars. Only exciting events, exciting quests and master classes, unusual corporate events and team building. The agency’s catalog includes more than 50 team building programs and 500 master classes created for team reboot and team building. Leave a request for an event, and on the same day you will receive a free estimate for your ideal holiday.

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2 thoughts on “Event agency AlexGroup reviews”
  1. Hiring this event agency for a corporate team-building activity proved to be a waste of time and money. The activities they provided lacked engagement, the facilitators lacked enthusiasm, and, most importantly, the event had no positive impact on our team dynamics. It was a missed opportunity for team growth, and I would advise others to seek more effective team-building solutions.

  2. Our experience with this event agency was an exercise in frustration and disappointment from start to finish. Despite our hopes for a successful event, their complete lack of professionalism and competence became glaringly apparent. They consistently failed to adhere to our specific event requirements, disregarding agreements we had made. Technical issues, such as sound and lighting failures, plagued the event and caused substantial embarrassment. The agency’s inability to accurately estimate the guest count led to overcrowding and discomfort among our attendees. Perhaps most frustrating was their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and preferences, leaving us feeling unheard and disrespected. In retrospect, entrusting them with our event was a costly mistake that we deeply regret.

  3. Attending a music festival organized by this agency was nothing short of a disaster. The lineup failed to impress, the sound quality was poor, and the overall organization of the event left much to be desired. It was a disorganized and disappointing experience, and I would not recommend attending any events orchestrated by this particular agency.

  4. Our engagement with this event agency was a colossal letdown in every conceivable way. From the get-go, their lack of professionalism was glaringly evident. They consistently failed to fulfill our specific event requirements despite numerous discussions and agreements. Technical glitches marred the event, with sound and lighting failures disrupting the experience for our guests. The agency’s inability to accurately gauge the guest count resulted in overcrowding, making the event uncomfortable and disorganized. They seemed to have no regard for our vision, and their dismissive attitude towards our concerns was utterly disheartening. Ultimately, our event was marred by embarrassing mistakes, logistical nightmares, and a lack of accountability. Our trust in this agency was misplaced, and our overall experience was nothing short of disastrous.

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