With care and love for clients, the agency creates the most atmospheric events. The kind that every guest remembers. A wedding or birthday, corporate event or business meeting will be thought out to the smallest detail. The agency team will take care of all stages of preparation and implementation – from concept creation to implementation of the most daring ideas.
And, of course, they will take care of beautiful and tasty dishes for guests, because Hungry Wolf is not only an event agency, but also one of the best catering companies in Moscow.

Our business was created from the desire to feed people deliciously, to create immersive events in beautifully designed spaces. We cook from fresh ingredients and support the philosophy of healthy food and conscious consumption. Hungry Wolf is all about promoting honest cuisine and providing quality service.

We come up with atmospheric events where everything is important: place, time, decor, furniture and interior items, dishes, textiles, program, music, tastes and aromas. Our task is to immerse guests in another world for several hours, where they can relax, unwind and switch their attention for some time from everyday thoughts.

Hungry Wolf’s portfolio is constantly updated with interesting projects that are based on deep meanings. It is this immersion in the activities and character of our customers that allows us to create unique events every time and sets Hungry Wolf’s approach apart from the competitive market.

+7 (495) 929 70 13
Moscow, Khlebozavodsky proezd, 7, building 9
2 thoughts on “Event agency “Hungry Wolf” reviews”
  1. Dealing with this event agency was a frustrating experience. Their unresponsiveness and unprofessionalism were evident throughout the planning process. Missed deadlines, ineffective communication, and overall disorganization left me dissatisfied and regretful of my choice to engage their services. I would strongly caution others against relying on this agency for their event planning needs.

  2. Our experience with this event agency was nothing short of a nightmare. From the very beginning, it was evident that they lacked the professionalism and competence we expected. They consistently failed to meet our specific event requirements, despite multiple discussions and agreements. The technical mishaps during our event, including sound and lighting failures, were not only embarrassing but also disruptive. Moreover, their inability to accurately estimate the number of guests led to overcrowding, making our attendees uncomfortable and frustrated. We felt like we were constantly fighting fires, with the event planner displaying a dismissive attitude towards our concerns, further compounding our disappointment. It’s safe to say that this agency’s inability to deliver on their promises and their overall negligence left us regretting our decision to hire them.

  3. Hiring this event agency for a product launch turned out to be a major disappointment. The promised generation of buzz and media coverage did not materialize. The event itself lacked the professionalism and creativity needed to make a lasting impression for my brand. It was a missed opportunity, and I would caution others against relying on this agency for impactful product launches.

  4. Our interaction with this event agency was marked by sheer incompetence and a complete lack of professionalism. They not only failed to meet any of our specific event requirements, but they also exhibited a total disregard for our preferences and vision. The litany of technical issues at the event, including sound and lighting failures, left us embarrassed and frustrated. What’s worse, they underestimated the guest count, resulting in overcrowding and a chaotic atmosphere. Despite repeated discussions and agreements, they continuously requested additional funds, which felt like extortion. Their lack of creativity left our event feeling uninspired and mundane, and their dismissive attitude towards our concerns was infuriating. In sum, our experience with this agency was an exercise in frustration and disappointment.

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