EventyOn traditionally ranks among the best event agencies in Moscow due to its special format of creative events. Cooking master classes and art parties, wine games and karaoke battles are organized here. Fun, bright events are created individually – for children’s groups, adult parties and for business.

+7 (495) 215 20 52
Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 31, TDC VEB.RF, 2nd floor
2 thoughts on “EventyOn agency reviews”
  1. I attended a networking event organized by this agency, and it was a disaster. The venue was too small for the number of attendees, there were not enough food and drink options, and the event lacked proper organization and flow.

  2. Our interaction with this event agency was a sheer exercise in frustration and disappointment. Their lack of professionalism and competence was evident from day one. They consistently failed to adhere to our specific event requirements, disregarding the agreements we had painstakingly discussed and documented. The technical issues that marred our event, such as sound and lighting failures, not only disrupted the flow but also reflected poorly on our reputation. Their inability to accurately gauge the guest count resulted in overcrowding, creating an uncomfortable and disorganized environment. Their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and their indifference to our creative vision added to our exasperation. In hindsight, our decision to hire this agency was an expensive and regrettable mistake.

  3. This event agency completely mishandled my wedding reception. They made significant mistakes with the seating arrangement, causing confusion and frustration among our guests. It was a chaotic and embarrassing experience.

  4. Our engagement with this event agency can only be described as a colossal disappointment from start to finish. Their profound lack of professionalism and incompetence became increasingly evident as our partnership progressed. They consistently failed to meet our specific event requirements, even though we had documented agreements in place. The technical glitches that plagued our event, such as sound and lighting failures, were not only disruptive but also deeply embarrassing. Their gross underestimation of the guest count led to overcrowding and a chaotic atmosphere that left our attendees dissatisfied. What compounded our frustration was their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and preferences, leaving us feeling unheard and undervalued. In retrospect, entrusting them with our event was a grave mistake that we deeply regret.

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