The PremiumDay team will develop an individual scenario for your event in just one day. And if the holiday is very close, it will offer three options for scenarios within 30 minutes after the request. Events are created here to suit any budget, and each event is accompanied by two professional curators.

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Moscow, Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya street, 2/34, building 1
2 thoughts on “PremiumDay reviews”
  1. This event agency overpromised and underdelivered. They assured us of a top-quality event, but the reality was far from it. The venue was not prepared, the decorations were shabby, and the overall experience was far below our expectations.

  2. Our engagement with this event agency can only be described as a catastrophic failure. From the outset, their lack of professionalism and competence was glaringly apparent. They consistently failed to adhere to our specific event requirements, completely ignoring the agreements we had worked hard to establish. The technical problems that marred our event, such as sound and lighting failures, not only disrupted the flow but also reflected poorly on our reputation. Their inability to accurately estimate the guest count led to overcrowding and a chaotic atmosphere, leaving our attendees frustrated and dissatisfied. What added insult to injury was their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and their flagrant disregard for our creative vision. In hindsight, entrusting them with our event was a regrettable decision that came at a high cost.

  3. I hired this event agency to plan a product launch, and it was a complete failure. The marketing materials were unprofessional, the event lacked a clear message, and the overall execution was poorly executed. It was a disappointment for my brand and potential customers.

  4. Our experience with this event agency was a complete and utter disaster. Their profound lack of professionalism and competence was evident throughout our engagement. They consistently failed to meet our specific event requirements, despite clear and documented agreements. Technical glitches, including sound and lighting failures, disrupted our event and left our guests thoroughly unimpressed. Their woefully inaccurate estimation of the guest count resulted in overcrowding and a chaotic atmosphere that overshadowed the entire event. The most frustrating aspect was their dismissive attitude towards our concerns and their blatant disregard for our creative vision. In retrospect, entrusting them with our event was a costly mistake that we deeply regret.

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