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About company:
Launched in 2006, The Peter Vardy Group is a family run automotive business operating across Scotland. Our Retail business has 15 physical dealerships, and we are proud to represent exceptional marques such Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and MINI. CARZ is our own brand of used car supermarkets, currently located in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Motherwell and Perth. Peter Vardy Heritage, our classic car dealership, located in Edinburgh showcases some of the most iconic cars in recent history. In 2020 we opened our new state-of-the-art head office, Vardy Central which is home to our Digital Sales Division and our central support functions. 

Also part of the Peter Vardy Group are our digital businesses. CarMoney the online finance broker who work with some of the biggest names in the industry and SilverBullet is the software provider of choice for the automotive industry, who supported many groups during the 2020 lockdown by providing them a platform to be able to switch their operations to online whilst their dealerships were closed.

In April 2021 we launched our Peter Vardy Leasing business, providing industry leading leasing offers across all manufacturers for both personal and business contract hire.

Our aim is to be the Best Place to Work and the Best Place to Buy, with us winning awards in both areas in recent years.  Following the Covid Pandemic it has never been more important to look after our colleagues with our focus being our their Mental, Physical, Financial and Spiritual Wellbeing.  Each one of our 1100 colleagues are given a Mental Health MOT and access to fully qualified team of counsellors. This year see’s the launch of Net Better Off for our colleagues, with access to a range of benefits which are chosen by them to meet the needs of their lifestyles.

Our purpose is “We Sell to Give” and 10% of the group’s annual profits go directly to the Peter Vardy Foundation which support children and young people across the UK and worldwide. In 2020 we launched our new start up charity GenZ Leaders, an online leadership programme for all school children in Scotland, which begins trials in schools from August 2021. 

Our Just Cause is “Every life is worthy, the partner, the guest and those less fortunate” and we work together to ensure we live this daily through our characteristics and workstyles with 97% of our colleagues “Proud to work for Peter Vardy”.
Peter Vardy
Peter Vardy

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  1. This is the 3rd time I have been very unhappy with Peter Vardy Aberdeen.My car was booked in at 10:00 for 3rd service (part of service plan) I received an e-mail before 13:00 telling me my cars health check was complete, I then had to wait till after 15:00 to get my keys. Very poor way of running a business. Whilst waiting 2 other customers spoke to me and were not happy with service.

  2. I bought the Vauxhall mokka 2 weeks before from Peter vardy hillington branch , NU64 VKF, I told them regarding air condition fault they told we fill the gas and there will be no problem , after 2 days ac stop working , I go to peter vardy motherwell which is near to my house last Wednesday on 9th jun , last 7 days my car is there I visit them today they told that they are still waiting approval from Hellington branch , The truth is that hillington branch sold me faulty car , either they give approval to Peter vardy Motherwell or give me alternative car till my car fix , if fault can’t fix I can return their car and they will give back my money or any other car in same price range they have if I like . Regards .

  3. Beware – you’re worse off with this company than other online car sales companies who at least are upfront about what they are. Peter Vardy agents made one promise after another, when none of these materialized, I tried to get my £99 deposit returned. (I have written evidence from initial sales person to state that it would be returned.) They lied time after time about this having been paid into my account. I’m now taking this to my bank and the Ombudsman, as I hate companies with zero integrity. If you do want to buy a car from this awful company, you’d better get a full AA or RAC check first – because if your car needs anything under guarantee, I’ll guarantee that you’ll have a very hard job getting them to do anything, or turn up when they say. I’ve previously bought from Arnold Clark, and although they’re not perfect, they’re a million times better than this lot. I finally got a car from a local individual company – the difference was like night and day. Before I paid he deposit, I checked reviews on another site: it was full of positive reviews naming the sales people. You’ve got to wonder about that, eh? I wonder what incentive they gave. I was also enticed by their statement about charity. After having dealings with this company, I’d find it hard to believe Peter Vardy does anything that doesn’t benefit himself. (From decades of observation, I believe that attitudes and ethos in a company generally comes from the top.) Save yourself a lot of stress and buy elsewhere.

  4. The worst choice I ever did, I took the car December 17 , the sale guy was the best at selling, when I took the car he said in 1 week the second key will come by post same like the voucher, the key arrive after 3 months (Ofc after I fight with them) and the voucher when I did the service 11 months later The worst experience, on service they miss stuff from my passenger compartment !Call them next day , they told me to come anytime. I went there and after 2 hours they told me they don’t have the part(how come they miss to put it on ,so how come they don’t have it )the made an appointment after 1 week and they said come before 8 and will take 10 min. I arrive at 07:30 and I give them the key after 4 hours(10min job) the lady told me they didn’t make a proper service(8 hours service, missing parts and not done proper) so after 5 hours still here waiting !never in my life had this happened to me ! The worst dealer ever (ABERDEEN ) Biggest mistake of my like trusting this dealer If I will recommend this??? NEVER and all my friends will find out, I will make sure non of them will step on this ugly place P.S offering coffee will not change the mood you give me

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